Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wireless Power

Get ready to cut that cord! Cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras – we’re becoming more mobile than ever before. One thing, however, ties us back – the power cable. We’re left to deal with a large number of unsightly and difficult to handle power adapters. Now, WiPower, Inc. has developed the smallest, most affordable wireless power system in the world to solve this problem.

Wireless power offers users unparalleled convenience. With WiPower technology, users can charge one or more electronic devices by simply placing them on top of a WiPower charging surface. The user can charge devices without worrying about handling tiny connectors and untangling a tumbleweed of cords.

WiPower technology is designed to maximize capabilities while minimizing cost. This makes wireless power a perfect feature to distinguish next generation consumer electronics. WiPower has helped some of the world’s premier technology companies understand how wireless power can become a part of their future products.



Chi City Animated said...

So how much is it?

P the Capo said...

its a cool idea.

combizs said...

This is nice that more companies are getting involved in the wireless electricity revolution.

I know that a company called PowerBeam is also involved in the wireless era and they safely transmit energy through optical energy, instead of the copper wires and the electro-magnetic field.

By using optical energy they can send energy over long-range distances. Their device also has a safety system so that it shuts down if anything is close to the beam.

If you're interested in more info regarding their wireless electricity system check out