Friday, August 8, 2008

21c Museum Hotel

Ever wonder what it might be like to live amongst outstanding works of contemporary art? Or even, just to dine in a museum setting? Well, 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky answers those questions for you. The hotel has 90 rooms celebrating southern hospitality and contemporary luxury. Over 9,000 square feet of exhibition space fills the public areas of the museum, and the Hotel brings work from artists around the world to fill rotating exhibitions.


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Danny said...

Born Witness

Dear friends, family and strangers,
Cc. Mr. Kanye West

I once saw MJ drop 55 points on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden in his comeback game on March 28,1995, Arguably one of the greatest nights in the history of The Worlds Most Famous Arena. That was until last night when I was blessed to check out The Glow In The Dark Tour. It is with great pleasure that I can say, it was the best overall show that I have ever seen. (Not best Hip Hop show, BEST SHOW, period.) It was a visual masterpiece. That had me eagerly anticipating what was next. With each song Kanye brought it. It is for that reason that he is the most talented individual on the planet. But the truest measure of a person’s talent is the ability to inspire others. I found myself being creatively set free. It was as if a switch had been turned on in my brain, and I was on a mission to change everything around me. That’s what open-minded vision will bring you, the ability to bring your dreams and visions to fruition.

The most notable thing that I did see was the movement. We as a people have a hard time adapting to new looks and things that are a little different. But in reality it is just the Graduation of our styles. What I saw last night was the FRESH MOVEMENT! Every person in the building walked tall and felt there freshest and that is a beautiful thing. It is that forward thinking that will catapult us into the next level of all of our journeys. Take a second out of your day and do something creative, change your world make it fresh.

Get Fresh
Kyser Sose
The Richmond Hood Company
Staten Island, New York