Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BAPE Leather Folding Trays

Here comes a great new product from Bape - the folding trays. A product that is useful, but usually only produced by very high end brands, such as Hermes, Bottega Veneta or Asprey. The happier we are that Bape made them now in several sizes. Good quality leather with a simple Bape head logo in the middle, the Bape folding trays are perfect for at home to put your keys, jewelry or watches, or for on the road to keep your hotel room organized.


tuesdai said...

Good Morning FM (9:28am my time) :0) The Bape Leather Folding Tray has a plain design...nothing exceptional about it, other than I guess as you've stated is.... good for jewerly, glasses (could really be useful for glasses) small gadgets etc. But you said it right; " It's the kind of product that is nice to have, but nobody really needs." Someone will be in a slight jump and quiet shout over it though...who I don't know.

tr3sDosUno said...

Since its bape how much does it cost? a gazillion dollars? lol