Monday, August 25, 2008

Phillips' "Holedar" Earphones by Yoosang Kim

The Holedar Earphones by Yoonsang Kim is a concept design that should garner lots of attention not just in terms of innovation, minimalism and function but also for the drop dead good looks.

The unique shape serves several purposes. It fits snugly in your ear, easily loops together around your neck when not in use, and prevents bacterial growth which is 700 times more concentrated in regular ear buds.

Designed for Philips, Kim's earphones solve not only functional issues but also marketing goals as the form is the shape of the letter 'P'. This makes the earphones synonymous with the brand even if they don't have them engraved with Philips logo.

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Dope And Steps Ahead said...

man thats fresh man ..u inspire me
Fresh !!