Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Limite Magazine

Me featured on the Limite Magazine blog, in a post about the Red Atos that I'm wearing.
Click here to check out the post.


Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

so you're his style consultant.i wondered what you did...(that sounds really offensive but i didn't mean it that way)
im gonna look you up on google and stuff(that must feel great that somebody can say they're gonna look u up on google,lol!!)

makes sense...you're a really stylish dude.
i'll end this post now before it becomes more awkward....imagine this was a real life conversation...the room would have just gone quiet

Twaun tHe Stylist said...

I have everycolor..just check my blog..Im the freshest American Boy

tr3sDosUno said...

i like the red ones too......tr3s

www.nappyheadinc.com said...

Not bad. I could rock these. They would really be dope when they step away from the monocrome color scheme.

Ferris Bueller said...

dope bro!


Anonymous said...