Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TISA x MCM Briefcase

Taz Arnold presents his new brand Tisa and right away offers a high profile collaboration item. The musician/designer got together with MCM to collaborate with the German luggage make on a briefcase, featuring their iconic 80's MCM leather and pattern graphics.

The briefcase comes in a navy/light blue and brown/beige colorway.This briefcase is designed to be the ultimate travel companion in terms of size and function and it also doubles as a laptop case. It will be released Fall 2008. Via Slamxhype/Tisa.



www.nappyheadinc.com said...

Wow, MCM, a blast from the past. Real hot when I was in Middle School. No offence, but no body is claiming to be the "MCM DON" But hey, to each his own.

Mintsavvy.com said...


tuesdai noelle said...

Creative thought/idea behind the pattern of the design...different has cool style...definitely has it's "moments" of shine :)
You'll have to feature another comic strip...the last one (Superman beng a jerk) was cool :)
Peace :)

RatheMC.....it's me! said...

dag I want these!