Friday, August 29, 2008

Democatic National Convention

I would've never thought that the President would look like me.

Watching Barack Obama's speech from the skybox.

Barack Obama in the backstage lounge.

Barack and Oprah

Gee Roberson, Kanye, Michelle Obama and Don C.


tr3sDosUno said...

The DNC was obviously the place to be! damn yall took some good pics...tr3s

Anonymous said...

biggup ibn.
king among kings!

The Ant & Mike Show said...

power moves. props.


The Ant & Mike Show
"We Do More Than Gossip"

A Loveless Day said...

Great speech


Schoolin4TheGoodLife said... should hear him,he's always bragging about how he looks like!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, huny - glad you got to be there for this once in a lifetime event. Michele is so beautiful!!!! (after you, of course).

Meech said...

i spy Blackberry Bold...