Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pro Hunter Rolexes

Pro Hunter in the UK is an after-market company specializing in turning already legendary Rolex's into one of a kind gems of metal. Take a look through their site and check out the custom Rolex Daytonas in Black and Red bezel, Submariners, Seadwellers and more. They start with a Rolex , and add a Black dial, black or red bezel, AR coating the full body and glass, a minimal black military NATO wrist strap. Each Pro Hunter Rolex is limited to 100 units.



Jacob said...

That's pretty fresh. Nice post Ibn. I've never heard of this. One day I'll own one.

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

i'm not a rolex man (teenager) but i can work with those.maybe because it's black...i don't like the silver ones....i like a crazy watch,like the ping pong one on kanye's blog