Sunday, August 24, 2008

Marco Polo

Soulja Boy killed this joint...Haha


Anonymous said...

nigga, he did not! "say the same things,but the fans aren't bored of me.." thats wack and u know it.

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

^ he does kill it

Never been fake cause all the girls love official
S.O.D cause bitches love initials
Im on another level
im in my zone
black car white rims
can they both get along (ay]
This is not the matrix
but i am the oricle
do you wanna fuck me?
the question is rhetorical
say the same lines
but the fans arent bored of me
75 thousand dollars if you wanna order me
Hold on
Let me change mah swag
My flow broadband
yall boy still Lan
My whole click straight
Yall whole click fags
last night ya girl forehead was on my abs

that was a cool verse lol! people just over look it and because they see soulja boi's name or bow wow's name they immediately switch off...they don't give it a chance.There's actually some really good lines in the verse.

CHillZ said...

^^ bro ....... no. Soulja is an entertainer yes ... but never will he be a lyricist dont EVER get the two confused.
besides pharrell was the first to "put ice on a gshock"

KJtheGreat said...

soulja killed that shit homie. i'm not going to put the "lyricist" title on him but damn...give a dude his due. he put on in that verse, famlee! i know soulja keep it simple and all but even a blind pig can find an acorn in the mud sometimes! respect.