Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Geekhouse Bikes: Powder Coating Graphics

Not too long ago one would already set oneself apart by riding a fixed gear bike. These days even traditional media picked up the worldwide trend and with that, one has to find new ways to set apart ones bike. Geekhouse introduces their new powder coating graphic option.

"They've mastered a process that can basically take any digital image and sublimate it into a powder coated finish. This "Rockcity" frame was made for a customer who wanted a bandanna-like orange paisley design—not our first choice of graphics but dope nonetheless. It also features a matching front Deep-V rim that was also given the same patterned treatment." Via Animal.

Definitely a good idea and something many people will be making use of. The only problem with such an option is, just like with something like Nike iD, people with bad taste also get to use it. But overall definitely a nice move.



tuesdai said...

Interesting thought,idea and concept behiind this particular bike and it's design. Speaking on bikes, while we're on the subject, I haven't been on a bike in like forever. I'd say the last time I rode a bike, I was 19, so it's been 7 years since then. That's long I know. Reading this has me thinking about bike riding now AND in this season soon, for some reason *hunching shoulders*... well maybe soon :)
Also, one day you should feature one of your favorite musicial artist or bands... it would be interesting to see what types andstyles of music you listen to. That's if you choose to. I've been featuring different musical artist (for a short while now) on my blog, that I see as unique, original and cool. I got THAT idea of doing this from Kanye. He sometimes features cool artist, he should feature more artist, than just "Old School Classic Rap" and mostly Coldplay. Cool post, didn't mean to be long, my mind just went back on bikes...Peace :)

tr3sDosUno said...

just dont ride this in the wrong hood..... said...

Pretty slick. I wonder how my company logo would look on that bike. Then I'd really be stylin.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Cool orange powder coat. I wonder how you got those designs on the frame? I don't think you can coat those in. The color looks like an apple spice I had done. You can check it out at this link: