Saturday, August 2, 2008

uniform experiment 08-09 Autumn/ Winter Collection

The Japanese brand created by global trendsetter Hiroshi Fujiwara and the creative director of SOPHNET. and F.C.R.B. Hirofumi Kiyonaga has launched uniform experiment’s 2008-2009 Autumn/Winter collection. After a successful 2008 Spring/Summer collection debut, uniform experiment continues with pieces for folks looking for more mature items like suits, ties and dress shirts. A multi-color square pattern has been used throughout this season’s collection for some added flavor. However what stands out from the collection are the accessories such as the ties, tie clips, glasses and scarfs.



tuesdai noelle said...

Good Morning to ya hun :)'s early here. I LOVE these types of "styles", classy, professional, nerdyyyyyy HOT, and "School Class Act, basically whether they're in uniforms, formal wear, casual wear's very nice :) The best looks for this collections, photos 4 and 5 :)

tuesdai noelle said...

^your time says; 6:43am---my time is 9:46