Thursday, January 29, 2009

Watch What You Say To Me...

Chris Julian, Ibn Jasper, Don C., Virgil Abloh, Taz Arnold, Karl Lagerfeld, Kanye West, Fonsworth Bentley, Mr. Hudson and the future Mrs. Shannon Abloh

Since I got back from Paris I've been reading some of the most absolute, dumbest comments that I have ever seen about our trip to Fashion Week. The comments were so dumb that I can't even believe that the people who wrote them even know how to use a computer. People were saying that we dress "gay" and that we're "clowns" among other things. And for the record, aint NONE OF US "gay"or a "clown". What's so funny to me about it , is that we dress like grown men. We are all approaching, or in our 30s, and we have style, money, and a vast knowledge of fashion. Has this hip-hop, street sh!t made everybody forget what a man REALLY is, or supposed to look like?

Ibn Jasper, Chris Julian and Fonsworth Bentley front row @ Lanvin Men's show

Every show that we walked into, the escorts wanted all of us to be in the front row because they honored the style that we brought and respected our presence. And the thing is, what we are actually doing, is showing the fashion world that American men, let alone Black Men, know how to really get busy when it comes to the fashion game. Everyone in the fashion world thinks that Black, American men can't dress because we wear everything baggy and boxy and our clothes just straight up don't fit right. It's the truth whether you like it or not. There are only 3, truly respected American men in
fashion, and they are Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs. Kanye is on the path to being the 1st American Black Man that high-end fashion buyers will be wearing with his Louis Vuitton collaboration, following Pharrell's collaboration with the fashion house for the LV "Millionaire" sunglasses that he designed (sunglasses are accessories, not clothing). The Pastelle line (Past. Tell. Museum) is a high-end fashion line, not a clothing line, that is why it's taking so long to perfect. And it's going to be expensive too...

Don C., Virgil Abloh, Kanye west, Taz Arnold, Chris Julian and Ibn Jasper leaving the Ann Demeulemeester show

I was 1 of the top 5 barbers in the city of Chicago from 1995- 2004, and I actually used to make beats and produce songs for my good friend Bump J. from Chicago. I produced and recorded his 1st album "Live From Bedrock" in the living room of my old loft. I say that because I made a choice to stop producing music once Kanye hired me full-time as his personal barber and image consultant. I made that decision because the way I look @ it, in music you can only get $15 a year out of a person from selling
your album. On the other hand, in fashion, you can get @ least $500 a week out of a person just from the amount of product that is produced and sold in this industry. So, since I'm a pretty smart guy, I'm about having the least amount of responsibility with the biggest pay-off possible. Why would I waste my time and energy in an industry that is not going to deliver on that principle? You heard Jay... "Roc a Wear did $80 million in 18 months".

Virgil Abloh, Ibn Jasper (kneeling), Taz Arnold, Mr. Hudson, Kanye West, Fonsworth Bentley, Don C. (kneeling) and Chris Julian backstage @ Lanvin Men's show

And let's not forget that we are from the streets of Chicago, aint nothing sweet over here. We aint no punks! Getting dressed up and stunting on people is all a part of the Pimp/ Player culture that we were raised in. You guys might have just seen that type of stuff in movies like "The Mack" and "Pimps Up, Hoes Down", but that is what we grew up around, lived and saw everyday. To this day, my father says that he raised all of his sons to be Pimps. I already have broken and scratched up knuckles from steeling on and smacking the sh!t out of dudes that tried to underestimate me and call me out of my name. If someone wants to be the next victim I would be more that happy to grant them that wish...

Karl Lagerfeld, Taz Arnold and Kanye West in a photographer's photo book from Fashion Week last year

People disrespecting Taz really need to check themselves also. This dude is such an O.G... Back in the 90s Taz had, damn near, more Polo than all of the NYC Lo-Life crew. Our boy Reg used to come back to Chicago, from L.A., with pictures of Taz's pieces in a big family sized photo album. He's also a borderline musical genius that can play a bunch of instruments, as well as being the lead guy in the music group SA-RA. And when you go into his house, you'll see a bunch of big a$$ Dr. Dre plaques all over the place because he was 1 of Dre's ghost producers that produced half of the "Chronic 2001" album. The rapper Hitman was also Taz's artist, another contribution that he made to Dre and Aftermath. So while some of you are running around trying to tell us what "Gangster" is, your idea of it is from the blueprint that we drew up. Yall need to look, listen, observe and respect the Gods so you can acquire some knowledge...

Kanye West and Ibn Jasper @ Dior Couture show

We pop them thangs too, don't get it twisted....

I'm not on no tough sh!t, I just know how to defend myself. I learned how to shoot guns correctly in my highschool R.O.T.C. class.

The scene from the movie "Belly" that shows how barbers in the hood get down. I've definitely lived through this myself...


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Anonymous said...

very fresh OG.. we see it homie.

Anonymous said...


comedic talent for days

Anonymous said...

Leggings on dudes, I can't condone! You gotta be a real man to wear what you wanna wear though, and that I do condone.

Anonymous said...

exactly, the percentage that dont understand will always be higher than the percentage that do (does) ... jus keep doin ya thing cuzzo .. culture is an acquired taste based on the access of exposure .... enlightenment can't be granted, attained, or reached by those who merely veer from the sidelines ... for one to actually be a peer of another in a specific field, they have to actually be a participant in that exact lifestyle ...

do you,
any intelligent Black Male or Black adult would be proud of you and ya crew

Anonymous said...

You layed it down! Much Respect, You are right there aren't a lot of people in Fashion that respect the Black male and you guys and the team are really setting the example so guys like Virgil can be a mens wear designer in the game and get respected. Someone has to break the barriers and I feel you guys are doing it for all of us in this lifetime. People are truly confuse by what they see, The rappers who bagged the hottest girl back in the day wore high heels and makeup....One of the first NWA or early DRE and Yella album they looked like girls on the was not gay it was entertainment. Mel mel, furious Five aall them had it popping like that. It's for statement reasons and being different. People rag on Prince and MJ all day...these guys are not gay! it's about being comfortable in your own skin and knowing who you are. We know Kanye bags more girls that the people ever calling him gay can dream of! If you want to say these guys have wack style, fine but don't call them Gay! Ya'll dudes are killing it and I am so happy to see young dudes like you guys even like myself doing what they do best. You really don't owe us an explanation homie! Just be smart with your money and keep building with like minded people.
See you guys at the TOP!



Anonymous said...

Big ups. As a big fan of you and you're clients' style i have to say big ups. In all the pictures you posted y'all are looking mighty fresh.

But there was that one unfortunate photo ( Now, I'm not trying to bash, because I know you're not "clowns" or "gay" (as if gay is an insult anyways). But, I do think that on occasion people who are trying to push the boundaries of fashion, particularly high fashion, go a little too far. In that one photo, you guys were not looking fresh as usual. That's nothing negative about you all, but about those particular outfits.

Overall though, big ups. Way to pursue the dream, and make it big. And you're in with big names, you were getting front row, and damnit if you guys aren't fresh 99% of the time. It's just a shame that that 1% is what haters will remember you for.

Anonymous said...

Nice clip! Nasir in Arabic means "helper and protector" he's a true legend.. very cenematic. stay up Ibn. god bless ya

Julius said...

Haters are like Money... the world revolves around them... w/ that said one thing Ive always learned is people will always have an opinion weather they say it to your face or from a computer screen or behind your back, anytime a hater see's someone doing something different than them and something that's out of what their brain can grasp their first response is to hate, because their small brain is mad at the fact that they wish they could do what you do, but they cant due to the other fact that they are scared of what people will say...

dont even trip dude do you & let haters do themselves... much love & respect...tr3sDosUno

God's Son said...

I don't really comment that often but people have been snapping these days. They are trying to have fresh=gay. Not at all fam. I just don't understand why they can't get their simple minds out of the concept of that. Like Ye said "I don't wear baggy clothes, reeboks, or adidos"

ari said...

lol i luv this post but you can go tell them to go kick rocks because they absolutely have no fashion sense and you have so much to stunt then they do plain and simply i always respected Ye's fashion sense just let ya haters be ya motivators damn that was so cliche


Anonymous said...

Hey Ibn,

Since I always say a "mouth FULL" on your blog most times (smile), (Smile) I'll just leave; You, Virgil, Mr. Hudson, Taz, Kanye, Don. C, Fonzy, & Chris... with 2 quotes;

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
~John C. Maxwell


“A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”
~John Maxwell

Pick either one :O)...I might have to use one of those quotes for myself on my blog :) & as I've been sayinnnnn, GREAT THINGS IN 2009!!! I know I'm looking forward to A LOT, MOST even in works!

Bye :)

flickrnature said...


Anonymous said...

People are quick to judge when they see something different. I've always been intrigued by high fashion since I was a little girl. Not everyone understands it. Instead of giving a meaningful opinion they shoot it down with deragatory remarks. You guys are bringing something new and i think its fantastic. Theres no limits to fashion in my eyes. Check out I spoke a little bit about this subject.

Trill Cosby said...

Only in America.I don't want to offend any American people on here,but some of you are so backwards it's unbelievable.i mean,what is all that "if you do that you're gay" or "if you wear that,you're gay" Wow! I thought America was the kind of "place to be" in the know? the leader type country,but the way you treat each other and think about things is just pathetic.You guys don't have any great artists,architecture,fashion,food etc. but you come down on everybody that does like a ton of bricks.Americans are really ignorant and almost reluctant to learn from the rest of the world in these areas.

Of course,there are exceptions,such as you,Ibn and your crew(i hate the word crew...but you get what i mean)

I think I've been a little bit harsh in saying "Americans".of course,not all of America is like that,there is some amazing talents,people and places,however,i just think a lot of the people are oblivious.

again..It's just my opinion...i really don't want to upset's just honest opinion.
personally,i thought you guys looked great and i'm proud of you for coming such a long way and how you've shown the black community who strive to be in the same position as yourselves that nothing is impossible.i think you guys should know that although there are many that hate....there are a lot more who love and respect you.
p.s. i'm from the u.k.

bryan said...

its aight man. trend setters always get hated on for being ahead of the curb. a lot of people dont realize whats going on because they are followers and only know what is "popular" to the masses. yall mothafuckas is fresh as fuck! grown man shit foreal.

Anonymous said...

hey thats whats up yall are the flyest ever they just wish they were on the team and coming from the south side of chicago myself i know what u mean babe keep doing you im going to the la recording school in july for audio engineering hope i bump into the good music family on my way to the top take care!

Es said...


Jay_fever said...

Cat's crack me up on all that gay talk. Them dudes been on top of the designing game for longer than I can remember. So chances are, if you've been legitimately stylish, you've worn something designed by a homosexual. So cat's need to get over themselves.

As for the haters...Through out history, when ever some one was about to break some serious ground they have been met with opposition. These muh sukkas will be the same people that will be biting your style in a couple years. So fuck em. Keep it moving.


Anonymous said...

Dude, they wanted Kanye in the front row because of who he is. They let you in the front row because of Kanye. You are not that fresh! You have alot of nice shit (thanks to Kanye). Without Kanye you would be cutting heads in the CHI for 15 a pop!

Out of all of you guys, Bentley is probably the only one that comes close to being respectable (dress wise)and even he is wildin' sometimes.

Chill on that "we the freshest record label in the world shit! Nobody on Good Music has any hits besides Kanye. All yall niggas shit gets shelved, and IBN you have put out NO music except that wack ass mixtape you mentioned that nobody has heard of. You cut Kanye's hair into a mullet and hype him and tell him he looks fresh. Sounds to me like he needs a new image consultant cuz dude's image is TARNISHED, all thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

I love what you guys do. I am more excited to see what is next. And I am not talking about the next jacket, or next pair of shoes, or next piece of luggage. What's next?

Look what you have accomplished. Look at the places you have been. Look where you have come from. Don't tell me that you came up all this way just to wear nice clothes. Please don't tell me that fashion is the end game.

So where do you go from here?

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

yo i used to repect u ibn and all of ya but after this post u made ur self sound like a real stuck up bitch, straight up u would be makeing money and liveing a good life but no where near the life u live because of kanye, so dont see why u act like ur the shit, and im not no hater, i check ur blog every day and respect u dudes and dont think theres anythign gay that u guys do and i agree u guys do get mad fresh, but at the end of the day none of ya are shit including kanye in my eyes okay u got money and clothes and shit but in my eyes that aint shit and u speak way to reckless for a 5foot 5 dude belive me u can get ur face cracked just leave a comment on here ill leave me number and u can hit me up anyday u in nyc and ill show u bloody knuckles, no need to talk reckless stay in ur place cut hair and get clothes this fighting and gangsta shit just aint ya. peace

jrdubz said...

Listen never count other people's opinions if you like the things you wear! wear it! Personally nice speech tellin everyone how you feel and as you know if you roll with kanye and g.o.o.d records ppl will always have hatred on you for the simple fact your on top and i always listen too what pharrell says! "You can do it too" by the way all your fits during fashion week in paris are ill f.m keep it up!


Thats exactly what I said in the post "Anonymous": "I'm not on no tough sh!t, I just know how to defend myself". I got bloody knuckles from defending myself, not starting sh!t. Believe me, I know I'm NOT supposed to be damaging my hands like that, I make way too much paper with them doing my craft. All I'm saying is I'm not a pushover, I know how to handle my 5ft 5in self very well thank you.

And I know how to use guns because I was in a Military Class in school. There used to be a gun range in Hyde Park Career Academy. You had to shoot well in Standing, Kneeling and Prone position to be able to graduate from high school. That's why I said "I know how to use guns CORRECTLY."

And I know we got IN the show because of Kanye "Upton"(duh), but they seat you where they seat you if they think you look appropriate enough to be on the front row, that's how we got the actual seats. If you notice, we aren't sitting with Kanye. We would've been in the back if we weren't dressed right. At Fashion Week it's all about fashion.

And NO, fashion and clothes are NOT the end all be all. That's what I was saying in the post, we're breaking the glass ceiling so other people can come thru behind us and make their dreams happen. This isn't some pretentious bullsh!t, although it is fashion. We're trying to break down boundaries.

And as for the cuts, Me and my boy Frank B. (R.I.P.) worked @ MelloSwing Cuts on 95th & Leavitt and were 2 of the 5 barbers that made haircuts cost MORE than $20 in the 90s. I was getting $50 in the shop and doing $100 house calls. Kanye just told me 2 days ago in Paris that he didn't think I would leave and work for him cuz I was getting real good paper on my own. Me, Frank, Maury, Shaun and Corey ran the haircut game in Chicago in the 1990s, it's a known fact. Ask someone that's old enough to remember.

And as for dissing that mixtape I made. That was the start of Bump J.'s legendary status in Chicago. It definitely wasn't wack. Bump ended up getting over $2 million with his deals with Atlantic and publishing. He told me out of his own mouth that working with me on that 1st tape made him believe that he could really be a rapper, and that's what REALLY matters to me.

Anonymous said...

This nigga would catch a fade *yawn sayin . haha

Sincere said...

Ibn you have to just shake this shit off. When you're with who you're with, there's going to be haters, especially the anon punks. Some of these cats can't even clown you and use their real name while their doing it.

I've been on NT all week hearin these guys talking, but seriously what do any of these dudes know? They're perfectly content dressing like the next man because it's safe for them. Like I said, when you're doing what you're doing, and you're with who you're with, these haters come naturally. Just keep movin forward fam

Anonymous said...

yo, i have been a fan off your guys movement for a while i got fam that knows TAZ personally so i kno he is dope as fuk so dont even trip about what the haters say cuz there mad they arent in your guys shoes....i hope to be there soon with my fashion shit

Anonymous said...

Yeah, y'all might all come off a little corny & as some type of luxury hypebeasts or whatever but... Keep pushing envelopes & boundaries. Life is a journey & you, Chris, Taz, Don, Virgil, Ye, etc etc are all in the middle of yours. You guys have obviously transitioned from Jordan & Polo to Lanvin & YSL... You all obviously have access at this point in the game & are all excited as hell about it. All good, do your shit, don't take it too serious, respect game, & be open to observations.
Example: Y'all definitely need to stop fucking with sunglasses indoors, & y'all definitely need to stop acting so damn brand new about everything. A pimp is a pimp... He doesn't run around tellin' everyone he's a pimp taking pictures all the damn time & blogging about the shit. Tell your boy Ye that his incessant blogging about every fucking move he's making & taking & posting of pictures everytime he decides to change shoes reeks of desperation & flat out corniness... Check him on that shit or his luxury star will fall as quickly as it rose. That world isn't down with this corny ass 15 year old brand new acting bullshit. That world is far more sophisticated than Nike Talk so please, have a little respect for that worlds game & you all will go far in it... Because talent is not a problem for any of you, you all have it. Recognize & act like you damn well know already. Shit, y'all should be hiding from the fucking cameras at this point.
Small minds blog about people...
Mediocre minds blog about events...
& Large minds blog about Ideas...
Be well Ibn!

Anonymous said...

Oh & also the gunplay & knuckling up that you're now also talking about... Really dude?
Leave it alone!
Why engage in that bullshit?

There, two comments free of charge (cause I normally get paid for this type of consulting shit) because I care!

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment on this type of shit, But I had to comment and let you know I honor what you talkin' about and agree 100%.

I remember 'Ye used to get turned AWAY from fashion shows when he was trying to be apart of that culture...Like this is still Jim Crow or some shit.

Now to see people going out of THEIR way to have y'all sit in the front of their shows and be seen is an accomplishment. Y'all are breaking down barriers for black males in that lane, And it's respected.

You know as well as I do that are still dudes who have YET to break out of that baggy phase, And are still brainwashed to believe that your jeans actually fitting = "tight ass jeans". It's just a matter of people fearing what they don't understand.

And you 100% spot-on about the Crib too. But I don't expect outsiders to know too much about Chicago niggas and Chicago culture. We BEEN getting fly...We BEEN a problem when it comes to dressing. It's in our blood.

Stay up tho G.

Anonymous said...

I've seen homedude Jasper, fucks w/ Hundreds, Soft cosmetologist.

Anonymous said...

interview with Ibn (Kanye West's "image consultant")

Why did you pick fashion over music??

"I made that decision because the way I look @ it, in music you can only get $15 a year out of a person from selling your album. On the other hand, in fashion, you can get @ least $500 a week out of a person just from the amount of product that is produced and sold in this industry. So, since I'm a pretty smart guy, I'm about having the least amount of responsibility with the biggest pay-off possible. Why would I waste my time and energy in an industry that is not going to deliver on that principle? You heard Jay... "Roc a Wear did $80 million in 18 months".

What really happens in Chicago?

"broken and scratched up knuckles from steeling on and smacking the sh!t out of dudes that tried to underestimate me and call me out of my name.

If someone wants to be the next victim I would be more that happy to grant them that wish..."

Any advice to fans?

"Yall need to look, listen, observe and respect the Gods so you can acquire some knowledge..."

"I say that we are the best dressed label because this is our sport, and we run circles around everybody else in the record industry when it comes to getting fresh...Except for Pharrell, of course..."

good look on TAZ$ part also..

Trill Cosby said...

the positive out of this is that you got 30 something comments,meaning a lot of people look at your blog.and there's more people in support of you than hatin

Anonymous said...

Like the guys said above, there will always be haters and you just have to deal with them. What comes to the style of your team I think its really at the top.

But that gun thing you need to put down.

Peace from Finland!

DJ Mere One said...

... "if u say real talk i prolly wont trust ya" andre 3000

Anonymous said...

ur from haterville, this is no surprise that simple minds talk shit. if they knew better they would do better. get that dirt off ur shoulder!

WDTH DGTL said...

Good stuff Ibn.

Always abundantly indulge in freshness!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Ye & his crew Don, Taz, Chris, Virgil & Shannon at a couple of events last week in Paris & they were all VERY cool & VERY respectful to "the game".

Real good dudes!

Anonymous said...

you're just part of kanyes staff. get a grip, you're not setting the world on fire. in fact you're selling karl lagerfeld to young black men. and you're not getting paid for it. idiot.

Anonymous said...

ROTC? really?

Anonymous said...

Successful people dont need to strut around and "shout" that they have money that, they did this or that, it only passes off an image of little boy standing on his toes trying to look bigger.

Let your actions and achievements speak for themselves, those that appreciate it will respect you, those that scorn you will continue to do so no matter what. So learn to be the better man.

I respect your style, but your attitude only contributes to an image of immaturity.

Anonymous said...

You're actually the only one who doesn't look silly. As a female and a fashion student I know that high end fashion tends to be a little strange especially oversees as long as you're doing you who cares what everyone else thinks. I got mad respect for people who wear what they like and don't care about what others say.

But you obviously care if you felt the need to defend yourself and even posted a video of you at the gun range, you weren't even shooting guns. :/ I can't respect that it just makes you look stupid. You shouldn't let other people's comments effect you if you're getting money then thats all that matters, do you and ignore the haters.

Anonymous said...

grown men don't wear tights. what a load of bullshit wannabes

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like many people here aren't getting what they want out of life.... I gotta ask, how's your day' to day's? I guarantee not as great as...

If you can't admire an individual for who they are, and what they do, then don't pass judgement. There's a reason for everything, and it starts with your attitude.

Ibn is fresh. Have any of you been in the same room as him? Or Kanye? Now is not the time to hide behind your fear.. but most of you won't get the chance either...

It's not about what GOOD music does, Ibn's haircuts, or Taz's looks... what are you doing to make your own life worthy of writing down on paper? Day in, day out

Upton, you made your complaint. Now where's the positive solution/suggestion ? Why say that stuff, you aren't about to do it better, or at all.. keep sitting there my friend.

Some of you need to decipher the real differences between Experience vs. Education. Because I know who's lapping you in the long run... check your Ego at the door.....

Joshua Eriq said...


I'm feeling the same way man. I am 24 and trying to approach this fashion game and try to make a name for myself as a personal stylist. But it is hard especially where I live in the pacific northwest. Seattle and portland are fashion cities but the dudes. the dudes just do not respect and I feel this blog everybit of it. There's is nothing wrong with bringing culture and sophistication the the american way especially african-americans!

Stay Elevated!

Jacob said...

Truth be told, there's no reason to qualify your status with the success of your crew. Just be yourselves. Some will like it, some will not. Dope photos though. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...


Rob @ I Love Substance said...

Have you ever been at work and tell someone, oh hey, did you hear Jeff Smith got promoted?
The low life dude will be say "damn, Im better than him and bring more to this company than he does".

That first reaction is when someone sees greatness better than who they are.

I didnt even bother reading the other blogs that said anything negative, the fashion blogs I read are all full of positive minded people.

When I first saw the photo with Kanye in the red jacket and lv case, I smiled. More like I was like, holy chit, look at everyones outfit! it was so overwhelming and everyone had their own unique style so perfectly expressed.

Even though I don't know anyone personally that is in the photo, I could almost say I know them just from seeing how they express them self.

I sure as hell cant say my style is that on point.

Cloud 10 By LV said...

I see you homes, yall nigs have started a fucking movement...The haters will never bring themselves to try and understand so block em out and keep on shining son.


Cloud 10 By: LV

Anonymous said...

I'm from London and respect what you are the rest of the crew are doing. I respect Kanye's new album, pushing boundaries, despite his massive fan base, and fearless in doing so. I respect that you're not dressing like stereotypical hip-hop kid and wearing clothes that actually fit you and look smart, like a man should do.


The gun thing? Why? My interpretation of you guys is that you're breaking away from the typical hip-hop scene of baggy clothes, hoes and guns. What are you trying to prove? That if someone angers you you've got the ability to shoot someone? It's a fucking let down to see that. I know guns have a big part in American history etc, so maybe it is something to brag about over there, but over here you just look like a typical wannabe G, with a gun in your hand, anyone can shoot a gun, who gives a fuck?!. The world has enough of those pathetic people, especially in your country. If you're gonna post videos, post videos that inspire people, you're supposed to be a dude with a talent for fashion and making beats, what the fuck is the point in posting videos about guns??

Anonymous said...

haha he deletes all the comments that aren't agreeing with him, just another sign of his insecurity.

Anonymous said...

this post depresses me.

just shake it off, don't take it so personally.


To (another) "Anonymous"

I delete the disrespectful comments, not the ones that disagree.

I'm cool with people disagreeing with me, but nobody's gonna disrespect me on my blog and I'm gonna leave the comment up there.

Don't be stupid...

Anonymous said...

yo, who that pretty girl you with on the range? Somebody was telling to aim higher. she pretty.

Unknown said...

my opinion - this style is ugly. Overly tight clothes, bright colors compounded on an 80s flair that you're using. Its whack and to get mad that people dont like your style and trying to subtley make threats that your tight pants wearing self will shoot them is comedy in itself.

MK since '83 said...

Yo, Ibn. The words below are from a post I made at my blog a while back after the Kanye/Soulja Boy MSG thing. I think it applies here. Keep working hard though and I wish you prosperous times ahead. I am a Midwest boy (Cleveland..LBJ is killing it, but I now live in London.)

Two observations before we get into that from your comments. Be careful when you use the word GODS, or GOD. I don't know what you believe in, but generally no one walking the Earth is worthy of that term. And the second thing is more about perception. It has been said Earth produces nothing worse than an ungrateful man. I am not saying that's is true, but in many cases, these are the perceptions you and the likes of Kanye are fighting. Remember words whether written or spoken are not something you can take back. So use them carefully.

On to the main order of business.

I posted this earlier, but my blog format was messing up. So, I changed up. At the end of one of his final stops from the Glow in the Dark Tour, Kanye delivers a heartfelt and timely message to fans at MSG. He tells fans to "open y'all minds, be accepting of different people, and let people be who they are."

This message couldn't come at a better time. It seems people who are overly concerned with what everyone else is doing is at an all-time high. People need to stay in their own lanes and concern themselves with improving as individuals. There is also a portion where he speaks on the popularity of Soulja Boy. Most of the commentary from this video I have seen online has revolved around Kanye's co-sign of Soulja Boy. Lots of people are arguing over how can Kanye do such a thing? The people having the discussion about Soulja Boy are missing the very point of his comments. Let people do what they want.

It is very much from the Libertarian philosophy. Allow others to do as they want and feel so long as they are not harming you or your loved ones in the process. People are different, have different ideas, values and philosophies. In our stubbornness, we always assume that our ideals are the ideals that must be followed. Why one person's opinion should be valued more than the next person's is beyond me. That is called selfishness and foolishness.

At this point in time in our history, it is imperative that we step off our self-absorbed pedestals and learn to appreciate all people for who they are...good or bad. Having spent extensive time in Europe, you come to understand and realize all people are different. This is not a bad thing. Step outside of your bubbles, take off the blinders, and be thankful you were given the opportunity to live in this great country. In the midst of the election coming up, everyone is looking for change from our government. It all starts with self. Being accepting of others and accepting our own responsibilities is a great place to start.

Melody said...

Im Gonna Get Back to You On this one..x..
Gotta Put my Lenses In..x..
Be Back Soon.x.

Humberto said...

There's outfits then there are costumes homie.

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious. you're not serious right? sure, some of you look great (kanye knows how to dress) the guy in the scarf and hat though. jesus. and bow ties with baggy trousers and streetwear jackets. thets just plain shit.

Anonymous said...

The world of high-fashion is not a mass-type world and like other not a mass-type worlds it is hard to understand because people must have sense, knowledge and experience to understand philosophy and details. But you all have opportunity in common with this world and may use if not the philosophy but details for your image, your style, your position. Many people don't understand fashion like area of people activity and creation.

But i like you guys do some new for American and especially Afroamerican culture. That's type of art knowledge that can be useful for people and for their attitude to life.

Andre, Moscow, Russia

Unknown said...

I love the way you guys dressed! You TOOK OVER Paris fashion week and dominated the photogs. But most of all, you have style, creativity and originality. Anyone who has anything to say that isn't positive isn't worth listening to. I'm glad you're here on earth, same time as me.

xo Mary Jo

p.s. Lots of love to Kanye and his crew over at !

The Zim said...


Anonymous said...


Thank you for being an inspiration with your swagger! Real men are made of style, manners and confidence! Wanted to show you lots of love, keep on doing you!! People who speak of negativity are jealous of you and your crew, they aren't willing to work hard for success, but what can you do...that's their problem, not yours!

Stay upppp, stay fresh and thanks for being fashion forward!! :)

Lots of aloha alwaysssss!


Anonymous said...

tell that chris julian fool to check his jacket if he wants to roll with yall. You NEVER button both buttons on a 2 button jacket, and you unbutton it when you sit down. I'm sure everyone was laughing at yall behind your back last week, but yeah, keep doin you?

Anonymous said...

it's all about which black guy can dress the most white


Anonymous said...

dress white? your a racist idiot^

TGIF neph said...

Yoo murakami I'm from cleveland and our group is called TGIF "thank god I'm fresh" and we 19 and 20 year olds... Our blog is posted on And I read the comments on people talkin bout yal gay and that insane. I have much respect for you guys because yal are leaders in the fashion world and people in cleveland are just trendy as hell and not man enough to try they own ish... Let me know what you think of our blog.. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The Masses are asses. Live and let live!

Anonymous said...

Gay? maybe not

Clowns? Most certainly man
the only thing your style is missing is a big gold clock and a fucking viking helmet


Anonymous said...

Your absolutely right about the fashion shit and your status as well. I also agree wearing clothing that fit is not gay, its what men should do. But the rotc stuff and you being in the military is straight up bull shit. I'm in the military. I'm a Us Marine and we make sacrifices everyday and do shit that you've never done rotc. I support everything your crew does from ye to cudi from legend to you. But I can't stand someone say they were in a military when they weren't. Just my opinion and I wish you and yours the best. Peace.

Anonymous said...

annonymous LA douche bag style....what is so innovative about your style? A bunch of N***** (and I'm black) who chase brand names.......yawn....

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE LAST LINE! agree with everything you wrote

Anonymous said...

Listen Gangster didnt come from Dr. Dre and neither did fashion. Obviously we made due with what we had and tried ta make it look fresh. Hi tech boots and champion sweat shirts. Starter hats with the matching jackets. Cavariccis pants with asic gels. Fashion comes from with in.

"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised God doesn’t work that way, so I stole one and prayed for forgiveness."

- Emo Philips


Anonymous said...

Sometimes Ibn, it's really not about people "hating" or "not understanding." The truth is often that people just really don't like what you are rocking or wearing; that's not wrong, that is their right. Here you are complaining about people's opinions of what you guys are wearing, but you and the crew would be the first ones to bitch about how people are trying to limit what you guys say.

To me, it just didn't look good and that is my opinion. I'm not going to be that person that just says, "Yo, that's hot," just because you guys are wearing it. I think a lot of it looked goofy and geek-like. Some of the stuff are things that we would have made fun of in school as if they were a pair of high-waters. Does that mean we are jealous? Mad? Or ignorant? No, it means that we ain't feeling the 'fit and we are discussing amongst ourselves how wack it looks.

And sometimes people just could care less about all your accolades. I read your blog and there were a ton of "I am," or "I did." That means nothing to someone who is just commenting on how they aren't feeling your outfit.

You say, "We ain't no punks," paranoid?

"Respect the Gods?"

Ibn, as one human being to another, who happened to stumble upon your blog this time because of the Pastelle information: why are you talking like that homie? "Respect the Gods?"

What gods? Are you kidding me? You're gonna get that arrogant and self-absorbed? We all know that nothing good comes from that. It feels good for the moment, while we are on our self-righteous pedestal, but in the end, all the talk means nothing. You want people behind you for the right reasons.

You sounded mad insecure and trying to come off as believing in yourself in this post. We're supposed to be confident and believe in ourselves, but it ain't supposed to be forced or in response to what you think as people hating on you.

And those outfits (that I saw) were just gross, like costumes. Kanye has a grasp on simplicity and minimalism. Colors. Textures. It seems to come naturally to him because he can sense and visualize the way he wants to look. Other people seem to be trying to hard though to make things work. You didn't always dress like that either Ibn (the world knows because we've seen pictures of you from atleast 3 years ago), so maybe you need some more practice? And I ain't trying to be rude.

Anonymous said...

And WHY OH WHY do we continue to justify ourselves by simply accusing people of hating? Just maybe we aren't looking good or not looking good to that person that apparently "hated" on us?

It's like we lick our wounds by crying out "ignorance" or "hating."

No, maybe the person really just doesn't like us? And that we just shouldn't give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

Something I noticed was that maybe you guys were getting turned away from shows because they truly felt that you all's presence their was cramping their style and bringing in a vibe that they didn't want at their show?

Every segment and community of the world will NOT accept you. They won't share the view that you have of yourself. It's like walking around thinking that everyone is going to like you or appreciate you or bow down to you because you (Kanye) are hot in one community's eyes.

Some places you go and no matter how much swagger you got, people ain't gonna give a shit about what you've done or where you've been. Remember Bobby Brown being introduced to the Dalai Lama? The Dalai Lama didn't give a fuck how many records Brown sold or who he was married to.

That's called realizing your place. It doesn't mean you gotta settle for that, but don't be an arrogant bitch and expect EVERYONE to accept you because you have this self-absorbed swagger in your own mind that has come from popularity in popular culture and on the internet.

Anonymous said...

So Taz produced Chronic 2001? Im disspointed to learn the Dr Dre is a fraud

Anonymous said...

Hey IBN why did u cut your hair? I read your response to the hate u guys got from Paris fashion week, but all I got to say is its YA'LL own fault. When u brag about "swag" u lost 90percent of it. Look what happend to Diddy, Cam, Dipset. You can only possess swag for a certain amount of time until u lose it. Ya boy Ye has been braggin' too much about materialistic things in this recession that we're going through, so that is the reason he lost that "swag" and his aura. Remember, the secret to possessing swag is that u don't talk about it. Now take that gem i gave u to heart.

Anonymous said...

i just dont like what you do or the music your friends make or how you dress or your attitude on your blog or anything about you.

is that ok?

thats not "hating" or "misunderstanding you" or not getting you because you're so far ahead of "the masses", i just know wtf im talking about and all the people i like and respect have no love or respect for anything you guys do.

i think the way you look is about as far from 'fresh' as you can get.

you look like a consumer, not a trend-setter.

again,no disrespect, just my professional opinion.

Do whatever u want i could care less, but just know that we know that you dont really know whats up.


Anonymous said...

damn us scorpios we do brag too much lol

Anonymous said...

Damn son..
We the same height...
But I bet you feel littler than me right now....

There's nothing wrong with you wanting to dress the way you do IBN. If this is who you are..then this is who you are..and MUCH respect for that.

Really...tho..chill with the blasphemy...its really condescending..

Just a reminder to you amount of clothing or money in the world will creat a legacy for you...

You and your crew need to realise what boundaries are more important to be broken. You can be the fresh BLACK man, woman, child in the world with all the money a person can possibly dream of...but who really is going to remember your name for the positive impact that you've brung to EVERYBODY?

From Glenn a Design consultant at the NikeID studio In Niketown New being IBN the Image Consultant of the hypest dont matter what you call yourself or what you's about the move and impact you make.

Anonymous said...

1.Why whatever Kayne gets the arabian dude buys it twice? (Example. the suitcase thing)
2.Tight leopard pants... No comment
3. The "entourage" thing. Nice to go around all together, but please, look at the photos of ur entourage and just for a second, try to come up with a comment you would do if you wouldnt be in those photos... they r straight funny.
4. Fashion sense is one thing. Going over the edge just because your in paris is another.

Foxworth bentley is the one dude who keeps it fashion without even trying...

Anonymous said...

Kanye samples on 90% of his beats, now he sampling 95% of other niggas swag and past played out fashions...there's nothing original here and please don't try to come back cause yall done jo.I respect dudes trying to be on some next level shit but TAZ is the only one with it...and all yall cats chasing Pharrell and he light years ahead of yall Hate!

Anonymous said...

wow I'm a regular to your website and these are the most comments I have seen on one post!!!!
Mr. Jasper Well Said!!!!! In my opinion When you are a leader there will always be people that will try to knock you off your stepping stone, because they are jealous of your long as you are true to yourself what they say or do wont even matter!!!
Keep on your path to success!!


zgreen said...

As a black man, I do agree with what you said. However, it is no better than any of the comments others have been leaving you. What you've done is essentially put yourself on the pedestal, saying that because you dress the way you do, that your better than people who wear stussy, bape and anything else you associate with the "street". Keep in mind, that just a few months ago, you guys were rocking the same shit. Perhaps we would be nothing without your influence. I personally believe that people like you taz and kanye have made a major impact on both the music and fashion industry. But people like you would be nothing without the support and approval of the consumer. The producer and both are dependent on one other. Don't ever forget that

i can smell it through the bag, baybay said...

Taz really don't give an eff what most have to say and that's what I love.

He's going to dress how he pleases and make music that is off the chain

Anonymous said...

i know you dont give an "eff" what i say... but dude, i read this from an outsiders perspective; i am 21, american and in the same high fashion industry that you are so "passionately" speaking about. no i wasn't at the paris shows with kanye west like you, but i am neck deep in this shit with a number of companies i'm sure you respect. with that being said, you sound like a complete tool in 80% of this article. I NEVER comment on blogs but i cringed throughout reading most of this. Go ahead and get your respect from these people who aren't in the know and are pleased with giving you your ups on your own blog. I doubt it means much in your eyes. Just know that there are people out here in cyberspace that ARE "on your level," and reading this shit makes them think you are WELL below theirs.

Zo Mathew said...

Hey Ibn
Been reading your blog from time to time. Aside from what many have told you already about ignoring the insecure haters,
I just wanted to point out that there's nothing wrong with gay dudes and gay women
so I wish everybody (from the haters to your readers to you yourself) would avoid any homophobic ignorant views and comments.
Stay blessed!


foreversignature said...

Hey Ibn,

I just want to say thanks for sharing your insight on things and educating me on a few things you mentioned in your post. I'm all for breaking glass ceilings and all of the so-called hate comes with the territory. It just means you made an impact.

I know I said a few WTH & WTF when I saw some of the pictures because I wasn't used to it. But then I saw some other people going to the shows and their ensembles and I said "ok". You guys really would have looked like some fools in some other ish.

A lot of people are so caught up in "keeping it real", they don't know the light switch rule. You have to know when to turn it on and turn it off. You can't go everywhere dressed in your everyday attire. Plus when you do have more money, you have more access, more exposure and some of your taste will change. But you seem like you haven't let it change who you are at your core and I respect that all day.

Unknown said...

Never take to heart what negativity comes your way. If they are talking about you, you're doing something right. Worry when they stop. You guys will be laughing later this year when everyone will be wearing what you've already tossed out.

Anonymous said...

wow you guys seem to ruin everything you touch. not mr. lagerfeld of course.

you all look like garbage. is what i'm getting at.

Anonymous said...

If you were so confident in your style and lifestyle you would not respond to any of the comments posted on the web. For someone who is on the "come-up" sure doesnt know how to act. Threats and talking about guns is GAY! Get real! your father teaching you to be a pimp is GAY! U need to re-evaluate you ideals. Some someone who has money you act like some middle class black kid who tries to be hard. I do acknowledge all of the accomplishments that TAZ has done but he is a fuckin freak, He needs to be slapped.

C. Lynn said...

You guys were too fresh and were doing your thing in Pareeee. I think this great because you never see us at these shows- let alone in the front row. Ya'll are opening up doors for us in Paree. Keep doing it big & fabulous!

Unknown said...

I personally love the way you guys were dressed in Paris. It was very posh & very stylish. I notice that when a individual wants to express themselves in their way of dress, people always come after them in the most negative ways. Its sad really, because I thought we as a society gotten past all that.

Anonymous said...

So basically, since people like what they like, and don't like the same shit you like...we're haters? In all honesty I think the only one who looks remotely normal is Fonsworth Bentley...You do occasionally...but for the most part...dressing like the village people on acid isn't popping in rap culture...I can understand wanting to broaden your horizons beyond typical rap uniform...but come on dude...if someone said gucci and LV were making adult diapers you had to wear on top leggings and rain boots, would you do it just cuz its considered high fashion?...just cuz it costs more than the typical pair of levi's or akademiks or whatever the brand, doesn't mean that shit is popping....oh yeah, remember that alot of those designers are you following their trends in essence is trying to look like a gay man thinks you should look...fuck all that b

Anonymous said...

yeah...on further consideration you look like fags

who cares whether you get accepted by the hipsters and fashionistas...many of them barely accept rap as a musical genre let alone take any of its icons seriously

the same way tommy hilfiger said he doesnt want "our kind" wearing his clothes

the same way cristal doesnt want our business

or the way LV shitted on ti

c'mon bro

Anonymous said...

swear, sometimes I truly wish that peoples only level of communication was verbally, in person. You would have gotten knocked the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you did NOT have to know how to shoot properly at HPCA to graduate, stop with that. If that were the case I would never have made it out, I sucked profusely at it (ROTC or a career in the military wasn't for me) . LOL!

I check your blog sometimes just to see what you're talking about. Still on the same old same old I see. At which point do you exhibit some humility for what clearly is a "lucky break"? I see arrogance is rewarded but for how long? Hope you're saving some money....

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Unknown said...

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