Friday, May 30, 2008

Lupe's "The Cool" Album is Gold Certified

Congratulations homie...

Nas Album Cover

Jordan Flipsyde Skate Shoe

Jordan Brand will be releasing an official skate shoe July 1st. It looks like it's based off of the Air Jordan 3. The Air Jordan 1 was the first (unofficial) official Nike skate shoe.

Larry Clark: Great American Rebel

Larry Clark is the director of the movies "KIDS", "Wassup Rockers", "Bully" and the controversial film "Ken Park". This is his 6 part documentary on his reasons to become a photographer, and his thoughts behind the making of these films. (part 3 is missing for some reason)

R.I.P. Harold Hunter

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Friday the 13th Cinema of Fear 12" Jason Voorhies

The Friday the 13th Cinema of Fear: 12” Jason Voorhees is a roto-molded fully articulated figure clad in fabric attire and accompanied by chains, removable hockey mask, and bloodstained machete. The Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood version of Jason Voorhees is decayed and partially skeletonized beneath his tattered attire, and a portion of his yellowed hockey mask is cracked to reveal a rictus grin. This version of Jason is noteworthy in that he is intransigently portrayed by the fabled Kane Hodder. At the climax of Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI, Jason is tricked by the adult Tommy Jarvis and anchored to the bottom of Crystal Lake. In the sequel, Jason is resurrected by Tina Shepard, distraught girl telekinetic. Emerging from the depths of the night-black Crystal Lake, the cadaverous muck-laden Jason stalks a group of obnoxious teens in addition to Tina’s mom and Tina’s quack shrink. Tina’s previously unplumbed telekinetic abilities are potent enough that she is able to defend herself against Jason, ultimately imprisoning him at the bottom of the lake yet again; fortunately, however, Jason stages his triumphant return in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

MEZCO Toyz joins forces with New Line Cinema's House of Horrors, the licensing division for Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street, to breathe life into some otherwise very dead characters. Under their horror brand, CINEMA OF FEAR, MEZCO releases the Jason Vorhees figure combining a highly detailed roto-molded 12 inch figure with full articulation and removable fabric clothing. Jason is even more menacing with his arsenal of twisted weapons and removeable hockey mask. This marks the first offering for the 12" scale of Mezco's smash-hit CINEMA OF FEAR brand.

Lagerfeld Confidential DVD

Hit the Colette (Paris) online shop to order your copy of the new Karl Lagerfeld DVD. From the description: "Rudolphe Marconi worked on understanding the Lagerfeld mystery: never hiding, with respect, admiration, discretion and sensibility."

Marconi compiled the film from over 150 hours of tape and spend every last minute of his life with the man. Unfortunately, it looks like the soundtrack is in French and no English subs are provided.


Le Cirque animalier de Cartier Collection

Face changes from regular dial to a White Tiger face


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ferrari California GT

For the first time in a Ferrari, there will be no manual gearbox option and power will be 30bhp down on the entry-level F430. Engine revs are lower and torque is slightly increased, all signs that this car is much more of a luxurious tourer than a hardcore sports car. "It's not a screamer," said a Ferrari spokesman this week. "It's not track-based and it's not about out-and-out power; it's more driveable." The naturally aspirated 4,300cc V8 will be matched to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission for a smoother drive. The 0-62mph sprint will take less than four seconds and carbon dioxide emissions will be about 310g/km. The Ferrari California is set to launch at the Paris Auto Show in October


Ksubi Interview

H.E.M.S.: Hard Earned Money Stash

Click here to check out how to get your H.E.M.S.

Marc Jacobs "Interview Magazine" T-Shirt

Recently Marc Jacobs was featured on the cover of Interview Magazine. On the cover he was given the looks of Andy Warhol, as the magazine describes him as the Warhol of our times. Now the Marc By Marc Jacobs line released a t-shirt that features the cover art of the magazine. It is now available in Marc Jacobs stores.

Spike Lee Will Direct Michael Jordan Documentary

Spike Lee announced, @ this year's Cannes Film Festival, that he will be debuting the Michael Jordan Documentary@ next year's festival.

"Telectroscope" Lets You See From New York to London

British artist Paul St George has recently created a telectroscope that connects New York and London together via a tunnel that allows people on either side to see each other in real-time. As he put it in his own words "Hardly anyone knows that a secret tunnel runs deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean." He stated, "In May 2008, more than a century after it was begun, the tunnel has finally been completed. An extraordinary optical device called a Telectroscope has been installed at both ends which miraculously allows people to see right through the Earth from London to New York and vice versa." The Teletroscope will remain at Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn and an identical scope will sit on the other side at banks of the Thames in the shadow of Tower Bridge; this work of art is created by Artichoke, the same people that created "the Sultans' Elephant " that roamed the streets of London. I won't provide any spoilers here, but believe it or not, it makes for a very interesting reading nonetheless, and this work of art will surely be talked about for many years to come. For more infomation about the teletroscope visit the related article on The New York Times.


June 10th...When!?...June 10th!!!!

10 Optical Illusions in 2 Minutes


Monday, May 26, 2008

Chicago: My Hometown

The view from my room...

The Lifeguard has a message for u...

This is why we wear Air Jordans everyday... Thanks for the rings Mike.

Throw your hands up in the skyyyyyy!!! United Center sold out 2 nights in a row...

He got the Jesus on the chain, but it don't mean $h!t...

This is Darnell. He owned Studio D's, one of the best salons I've ever worked in.

I hit up Uprise Skateshop to get Pharrell a new set-up. This is the skateshop that was in Lupe's "Kick, Push" video.

Lupe Fiasco "Kick,Push"

Me, Mustafa Jr. and Mustafa Rocks (Sr.) hit up Wilson Skatepark. I was helping Moose Jr. with his pop-shove-its.

My homie Antony, that I've known and skated with since I was 12 yrs. old, just happened to pop up@ the 31st St. Skatepark. My homies Del, 220 and Happy came by too... (Those are some fresh a$$ names right?)

Bank to Wallride (click image for larger view)

31st St. and Lakeshore Drive Skatepark

Hillary is Bogus

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Mainstream is Biting Skaters...AGAIN

Last night's "Unframed" event at Chelsea's Charles Cowles Gallery, sponsored by the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA) and presented by Domino magazine, drew a number of collectors looking to buy hard-to-acquire signed works for a fraction of their retail values. Guest curator Beth Rudin DeWoody brought in an enviable roster of 17 contributing artists, including Chuck Webster, Lou Reed, and Donald Baechler. Peter Gerakaris, who donated works from his "Parergon Series," didn't need much prodding. "Beth and I have known each other for a few years and since she's been collecting my work, we've become friends. She invited me to do this and I said of course. No hesitations." Under different circumstances, Carlton DeWoody's "Artist Pail Kids" likely wouldn't have been featured at all. "I try to keep my art separate from my mother's career, but I decided to break that rule since it's for such a good cause." So how did DeWoody reappropriate the classic eighties trading cards? "I changed them into famous artists and gave them funny names (i.e., Cindy Furman, Candy Warhol). I thought it would be cool—something I could complete in three weeks and make more than one of." source

I mean, it's for a good cause and everything but Blind Skateboards, and their resident artist Mark McKee, did a classic collection of "F*cked Up Blind Kids" decks 15 years ago. There have been numerous gallery showings over the years, and Blind has even re-issued the decks. C'mon Carlton, stop fronting like you came up with the idea to knock off "The Garbage Pail Kids".

"High Guy" original art and specs By Mark McKee

"High Guy" deck By Blind Skateboards

"F*cked Up Blind Kids" Gallery Showing

"Rear End Rudy" original art By Mark McKee

Nas Interview

Part 1

Part 2

I NEED These... Really Bad

Hi-top P-Rod 2

This might be the best skate shoe ever made...

Optical Illusion

Look at this image while slowly walking back about 10 feet...

Vans Vault Caballero LX

Before the inception of a legitimate Half-Cab from Vans, there existed the Vans Caballero. However for many, the full high-top vulcanized skate shoe left many unsatisfied with the restrictive cut... off the tops came in a DIY hackjob. This eventually prompted Vans to create the lower-cut version, Half-Cab which has become a popular seller from Vans. However, this fall will see the return of the high-top Caballero starting August 1st. Suggested price is listed at $80 USD. source

Check Steve Caballero's rocking the "Full Cabs" in his classic, cinematic skate part, with Mike McGill, from 1989's "Ban This"...
Don't sleep on the Airwalk Prototypes that Mike McGill was rocking either...