Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Waterproof Your Electronics


How to Pronounce Designer's Names

Remember when you weren't sure if Ralph Lauren's name was pronounced like the girl's name or the Italian actress Sofia Loren?* Here's a cheat sheet of some labels from across the pond that aren't as easy as our own Thom Browne and Michael Kors.

World's Oldest Bottle of Veuve Clicquot: Found

The world’s oldest bottle of Veuve Clicquot was found in a Scottish castle in a dusty cabinet that had been locked up for the last 100 years.

Chris James, the current owner of Torosay Castle on the Isle of Mull off Scotland's west coast, told the London Telegraph he’d long been meaning to have a peek inside the cupboard, for which he had no key. After finally enlisting the help of a locksmith, James discovered the original owner’s personal booze stash, including bottles of claret and brandy, a decanter of port, and an unopened bottle of 1893 Veuve yellow label in mint condition, thanks to the cellar-like conditions that prevail in old Scottish castles. He contacted the company who informed him the ancient bubbly was literally priceless.

James agreed to let the winemakers have it for their archives in Reims.


NIKE/SB August 2008 footwear

Hi-top P-Rod II... Finally
Teal, hi-top, suede Blazer

Paul Rodriguez wearing a sample of the P-Rod 3

He had these on@ the Maloof Cup.

"Disperse" Video: Consequence feat. GLC & Really Doe

We shot this on tour, backstage, while the show was going on.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Loopwheeler Fall/ Winter 2008

Among the very few of a dying breed of fleece producers, Loopwheeler's techniques place a precedence on quality and tradition with vintage style looms as opposed to the automation prevalent in current production practices. Their 2008 fall/winter collection is a mixture of wardrobe essentials such as hoodies as well as track-style jackets and stadium jackets. Among the most interesting pieces is the multi-pocketed DP4 which offers various pockets throughout.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

NIKE McFly Commercial

If you think about it, they were really on point with their ideas of the future for this movie. Marty had to have the new, fresh NIKES to fit in, and all the kids were skating (hovering)... So does that mean that the McFly is a NIKE/SB shoe?

Marty McFly's Mattel Hover Board

Bidding starts @ $30,000 on ebay.

Check the links below for more info:

Friday, July 25, 2008

George Lucas Frozen In Carbonite

I guess George got captured by Boba Fett and got dropped into Darth Vader's carbonite chamber.

Darth Vader used Han Solo to test his carbonite chamber. Vader wanted to freeze Luke Skywalker with it too.

Ooblek Liquid Dancing On Subwoofer

Jaeger LeCoultre's Atmos 561 by Marc Newson

Watchismo brings us information on designer Marc Newson's latest. "Suspended in a bubble block of Baccarat crystal and powered by temperature change, Jaeger LeCoultre's Atmos 561 mechanical clock is the work of Australian super-designer Marc Newson (known for designing the Ikepod watch and a million other sleek objects). Newson is reportedly a huge fan of the Atmos and approached the company to collaborate. The result is this eightieth anniversary Atmos."

Carhartt Leather

The mostly European/Asian phenomenon known as Carhartt Streetwear has looked to classic black leather in their latest pack of products. The pack features  a leather zip-up hoodie as well as a New Era 59FIFTY cap. A tentative release date for these is set for October.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chicago's Own: Chaz Ortiz

Zoo’s pint-sized shred from Chicago, Chaz Ortiz, has been absolutely killing it lately! Chaz is currently on the Zoo York flow team, but with the way he’s been handling business lately, he’ll likely climb to amateur status sooner than later. At only thirteen years old, Chaz has been blowin’ up the contest circuit and making the hearts of teenage girls flutter from coast-to-coast. Over the past few months, Chaz further stacked his resume by winning the 2007 Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour and placing 2nd in Volcom’s Damn Am contest which brought out all the rippers. He also crushed it at the final stop of the 2007 AST Dew Tour broadcast on NBC in October. He skated super smooth and consistent, with style well beyond his years, and ended up placing 6th behind Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, and other big name pros. Chaz is a super cool kid with a very bright future, and Zoo’s stoked to have him in the family.

He just got 2nd place in 2008 Mountain Dew AST Pro Competition.... It's pretty amazing because he's not even a Pro.... And he's only 14 years old now.

Put on for your city lil homie!

Kid Cudi Mixtape Release Party

I was there, and Cudi killed it... And my homie Plain Pizat had a really good time too, hahaha.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"SK8FACE" Film Trailer

This is a documentary about the history of skateboard graphics, and their impact on the art world.


Diamond Supply Co. "Legends Pack"


The Diamond Supply Co. drops the "Legends Pack" On July 19th.

Joe Montana

Hank Aaron

Dr. J.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Maloof Money Cup

Airs@ 12pm Eastern/ Pacific on CBS. Sunday, July 20th.
Find more videos like this onmaloofmoneycupYesterday I went to The Maloof Money Cup @ The O.C. Fair in Orange County California. This
is the first year for this
competition, and this event has the biggest purse in skateboard history with a $100,000 for 1s
t place. All the top pr
os showed up to this event because they know that the Maloofs got that paper!!! Lol.
Computer rendering of the Vert ramp and Street Course
The Schedule...

The O.C. Fair. They had some wild food@ this place. The wildest thing I saw was Deep Fried SPAM with Pineapple Sweet and Sour Sauce... EEEEEWWWWW

The "Food Master" Woodie White...

The Course and the crowd...

Paul Rodriguez (The $100,000 winner)

Eric Koston

Andrew Reynolds

Sean Malto

Greg Lutzka

Nyjah Huston

Chris Cole

Ryan Sheckler

Darrell Stanton

Jereme Rogers

Terry Kennedy

Congrats to P-Rod for winning the Street Comp...

And Congrats to PLG for winning Vert.

(That's Bucky Lasek in the all black on the right. I've got pics with PLG and Bucky in the collage on my banner. See if you can find them.)

Hypebeast TV: L.A. Fashion

Check out the homie Bailey.

Takashi Murakami: "My First Art" Series

AND THEN Rainbow. 2006

These are new prints of the classic paintings that made Takashi famous
Tan Tan Bo. 2004

727-727. 2007

Kaikai Kiki News. 2001

Vapor Trail 2006

A Master Mushroom with DOB in the Strange Forest. 2001