Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fucking Awesome Website

The legendary Jason Dill is back!!!

After going offline two years ago, Fucking Awesome finally returns. The brand returns next Spring with a collection. Highsnobiety had given you an exclusive preview of the Spring 2009 collection here.

The website consists of several blogs, photo journals and a lookbook that you could only imagine coming from Fucking Awesome. Check out the new website here.


Swagger x The North Face

Japanese brand Swagger once again gets together this season with The North Face to produce two technical jackets. They worked on an all red Icicle Gore-Tex Jacket and a black/white checker Hyvent Mountain Jacket. Good colorways, all the necessary technical features and subtle branding - definitely something to be looking out for.

The North Face x Swagger jackets will be released on December 6th.


Play Cloths Holiday 2008 Collection

The Clipse release some nice pieces from their 2008 Holiday Collection of their new clothing label Play Cloths.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Louis Vuitton NYC 57th St. Store

I rode past the Louis Vuitton store on 57th St. in New York City yesterday when I was coming from Jacob's....


Monday, November 24, 2008

My Birthday Pt. 3

I walked into the dressing room in Oberhausen, Germany and had 5 Countdown Pack boxes with my name on them...

Ahh Yes!

Celebration B!tches

Air Yeezy, Gee Roberson, Don C. and Me celebrating the 1st win of the night.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wrestler

Starring Mickey Rourke

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zariff: Barack Obama's Barber

Barack Obama is taking his barber of 14 years with him to The White House!

Zariff tells Us Weekly:
“I said, ‘I’m going with you’ [if you win],” Zariff told Obama, according to CBS 2. His reply? “Absolutely. I’m not changing barbers, man.”

Mr. Obama has even mentioned his barber in an interview that aired on "60 Minutes".

Obama: “Well, that’s something that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. I mean, the loss of anonymity and this is not a complaint, this is part of what you sign up for. Being able to just wander around the neighborhood. I can’t go to my old barber shop now. I’ve gotta have my barber come to some undisclosed location to cut my hair. You know, the small routines of life that keep you connected I think - some of those are being lost.”


This is something that I can directly relate to because I've been Kanye's barber for 13 years now. I remember when Kanye first moved to New Jersey and he would be gone for a few months at a time, and come back with a huge afro smashed underneath his hat. I said "Man, you don't get your hair cut while you're out there?" His reply? "No, I wait until I come back here to see you." He would try to convince me to move to New York so he could get his usual cuts, but I had a very large clientele that was based in Chicago. He promised me that when he got his deal, he would hire me full-time.... He kept his promise.

March 23rd, 2003 I was gone...

This is one of my old clients from Chicago, Johnny. He's Mrs. Michelle Obama's hairstylist. I was surprised when I ran into him @ The Democratic National Convention and found out that he was the person keeping The First Lady's hair so fresh. Johnny is actually the person who schooled me on how this business works on the level that we're on. He told me about getting an agent, setting my day rate, editorial fees etc... Thanks homie!

I just want to say GOOD LUCK to Zariff and Johnny, and get ready for the ride of your life!


Legendary pro skater Stevie Williams and DJ Don Cannon opened up their skateshop/streetwear boutique in Atlanta a few weeks ago...

If you're in the area, go check it out...

1140 Euclid Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

Sk8Tique online

Nike Air Force 180

The Barkley's....

Greedy Genius x Diamond Supply Co.

A preview of the Greedy Genius x Diamond Supply Co. skate shoe.

My Birthday Pt. 2

A portion of my b-day party in the dressing room after a Glow In The Dark show.

It's the Cons fool, Word!

p.s. What the f*ck am I talking about in this clip? I was drunk as!

YO! YO! Attention!!!!

I wanna give a b-day shout to my twin homies from Chicago, Shannon and Chollie Clark

Happy b-day my niggas!!!!!

Design Miami: 2008 Kai Kai Kiki Preview

With Design Miami opening up for a four day showing early next month, Taksahi Murakami’s Kaikai Kiki will showcase its work for the very first time. Coming off a huge show with Hiroshi Fujiwara, Kaikai Kiki’s presence includes a massive 2.5 m in diameter (however a 0.6 m preview prototype seen here) stuffed ball which features the same ornamental pillows available for sale on a consumer level. Stay tuned for more details regarding Kaikai Kiki’s involvement with Design Miami/2008.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Ferrari Zobin Concept

Had to jack this joint from Ye

Louis Vuitton Sk8-Hi And Sk8-Lo

My "style" side says "YES!!!"
My "skater" side says "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Taking a cheap, $40, regular shoe that's made to be torn to pieces, and making it a pretentious luxury item is a little weird and oxymoron-ish to me...

But whatever.

Click here to see a short, NY Times video explaining this phenomenon.

BBC Digi-Jack Full-Zip Hoodie


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Backstage @ The MTV EMAs

While we were chilling backstage @ the MTV European Awards in Liverpool, we checked out the homie Dynamo doing some magic. He's kind of amazing...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ed Templeton @ Roberts and Tilton Gallery

Pro-Skateboarder, Toy Works founder and Beautiful Losers featured artist Ed Templeton will open a new exhibit at Roberts and Tilton Gallery in Los Angeles on November 15, 2008. Maps of the Inner War includes roughly 250 works in a variety of mediums - Photography, painting, sculpture and work on paper. Much of the work focuses on Templeton’s every day life and surroundings.

Matt Leines The Great Gates of Zenith coincides with Templeton’s exhibition. The work presented from Leines focus on a central theme of wonder, all on paper.

In advance of the opening Supertouch has released an interview with the artist. Be sure to check it out. Both exhibitions run until December 13, 2008


Friday, November 14, 2008

Canada Goose Arctic-Tech

Canada Goose is famous for their unmatched quality in their line of cold-weather, outerwear garments. This is the Snow Mantra Parka that has been reviewed as "The best, bar none." I wear this parka everyday while we're on tour in Europe. My boy Don C. has even nick-named it "THE COAT".

Canada Goose for Bergdorf Goodman: Expedition Parka
Bergdorf Goodman gets the exclusive on this blazing red Expedition Parka from Canada Goose. You can get warm inside this parka using the Arctic-Tech technology on the exterior shell for ultimate wind protection and comes fitted with a tunnel hood lined with coyote fur to secure the skull from tundra freeze. You will not be cold in this one.


Dave Quality Meat Holiday 2008 Beanies

Dave’s Quality Meat (DQM) has come out with some new beanies as part of their Holiday 2008 collection. The beanies feature a plaid pattern on the upper and a white on black DQM logo tag. They come in a series of colorways.


Air Jordan 8 & 15 Countdown Pack

The only Jordan Countdown Pack in which I would wear both pairs of Jordans.

The Hundreds Holiday 2008