Monday, December 28, 2009

@superfun: 2009 Recap

"@superfun - an idea spawned from BBM and boredom. We started it to give the Chicago kids something different. Creative Community Service. A party with no fuss, all fun. Dope music, dope fashion. The right people in the same room.

@superfun 2009 was a crazy 6 months. Thanks for your energy. For lettin loose, rockin sunglasses at night, poppin bottles, and dancing on the couches with us. We got bigger and better things coming for you in 2010!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maestro Knows-Episode 3: Ibn Jasper

"In this episode follow Maestro and his friend Ibn to the Venice skate park and then on to Chicago to check out RSVP Gallery. Plus, Ibn gives Maestro a tour of downtown Chicago's shopping district." - Maestro

Merry (skate) Christmas!!!

This is my Xmas gift to myself for being a really good boy this year... HAHAHAHA!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jay-Z ft. Mr. Hudson: "Young Forever"

WOW!!! Skateboarding in a Jay-Z video??? I didn't think I would EVER see that happen...

Black Label x Jagermeister

This collaboration is for all the TRUE BROSKIES!!!

Black Label and Jagermeister have hooked up to create this limited holiday complete. Only 200 of these boards were made but you won't find them in stores. To get your hands on one you’re going to have to head to the bar and look for the Jager girls, as if that’s a tough chore. The hardest part is going to be not leaving it at the bar after your 9th shot.

So, if you ride one of these boards down a hill...
Would it be called a "JAGER BOMB"?
Just asking... (LOL)


Lakai Carroll Select Low x FTC

Carrying a rich history and longtime friendship in the world of skateboarding, San Francisco/Tokyo-based FTC pair up with Lakai and Mike Carroll for a special make up of the Carroll Select Low. The skate-centric sneakers feature a primarily black colorway, with vibrant highlights mimicking the traditional FTC color usage of blue, red, and yellow. These are now available via all FTC retail stores.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Subaru "Snow Cat"

It's a one-off Subaru Impreza WRX "Trax" STI, driven by rally car champ Ken Block.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ibn Jasper x Quintin x Mykel Monroe

ON SALE NOW@ RSVP Gallery!!!

Persona Magazine

Magnhild Disington Electronics

Danish textile designer Magnhild Disington has stepped into some dangerous territory with Furry Objects, combining two controversial product types: fur, for ethical reasons, and portable electronics, for the increasing amount of electronic waste produced each year. Strangely enough, she manages to turn two material excesses into something less so, creating a set of strange electronic objects that ask some interesting questions.

These phones and USB keys are made from the leftover fur material that would otherwise be discarded, minimizing waste. At the same time, covering a USB key in a pouf of fur adds instant longevity—it becomes practically non-disposable.This then suggests that a slower adoption of minute technological advances by consumer markets is a possibility. Fur is not a suitable material to apply in the mainstream, but what else could we use to engender the same effect?

Here, Disington discusses some of the implications of this work:

Portable electronics are often neutral in appearance and lack emotional appeal. They have become a more pervasive part of our lifestyle and are things we carry with us most of the time. People tend not to feel any connection with them and change them gladly as soon as something better and newer is on the market; there is an abnormal refreshment rate for these types of product. Do we really need a new phone every six months? It is my belief that the values within our digital interactions outweigh the value of the electronic devices we use to make them....For the collection of USB keys (flash drives) I have applied natural materials like wood, leather and fur. These materials provide unique character and sensory experiences which create emotional value within the physical product. This creates a more balanced connection between 'content of desire' (our files and interactions) and 'object of desire' (our electronic devices).


The Copenhagen Wheel

Jellio Furniture

Design firm Jellio, makers of the oversized, rubber gummy bear lights and giant Revell model kits as wall art has added three new pieces to their repertoire of home furnishings made in the image of giant candies and toys.

The Ice Cream Bench is just that: a giant ice cream sandwich you can sit on, made from solid foam, canvas, and white velvet. In the Music Table, an oversized toy xylophone doubles as a tabletop, and we're told that it really works.

Also, keep a lookout for The Candelier, to be unveiled this January: it's a three foot wide lighting fixture made form 2,000 fake, acrylic gummi bears. Each one takes a month to build, and will be sold in an edition of ten.


iPhone Body Modifications

Click image to enlarge

This is funny, but don't think "they" aren't really trying to make this happen in the near future...


Coolrain for Kasina 12 inch Figures

Korean toy-maker and customizer Coolrain recently put together the following series of figures for fellow Korean retailer Kasina. Four different versions mimic what is arguable some of the current influences within streetwear on both a fixed gear/skate and fashion perspective.


KAWS 4 Foot Black Dissected Companion

The much anticipated Kaws 4 Feet Dissected Companion Original Fake Black Version toy has been announced. Over the last months we have seen several teasers and today we can give you a release date for the Original Fake Tokyo flagship store. The black Dissected Companion will go on sale on December 19th.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Phoenix: "1901"


"It was all a dream..." - The Notorious B.I.G.