Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Off Day In Oklahoma City

I went to Mat Hoffman's Action Sport Park to skate.

What's up Stevie...


Backside grab over the hip

The security dude made me wear this damn helmet

The Black Matt Hensley (lol)

Tailgrab over the bump

The bowls are super-nice

This was across the street from my hotel

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Las Vegas

We had a "Glow In the Dark" show in Las Vegas@ The Red Rock Resort and Spa

Suite ONE 80

Walking through the front door...

Looking back...

You see this bar as soon as you walk out of the hallway

Turn to your left...

You'll see the 1st living room... Yes, I said 1st

The powder room with a heated, fully automatic toilet. This toilet does everything but wipe your a$$ for you.


Walk past the bar...

To get to the main living room...

With a 9ft. flat screen TV

Hallway to the bedrooms

Guest bedroom

Hot tub in the guest bedroom

Walking to the...

Master bedroom

Hot tub with a fireplace in the Master bedroom

His and hers...

Plain Pat checking out the huge patio

Ricky and Pat checking out the...

View of the pool, and the people lining up for the show.

We watched GLC open up with his banger "Blinded by the Light" from the patio...

"Hancock" Starring Will Smith: Trailer

I had to post this on both of my blogs. I have another blog on Clot

Thursday, April 24, 2008

BAPE Store Opening: Los Angeles

Joel Silver, Pharrell, NIGO, Kanye and Takashi Murakami

Kanye and Jonah Hill

NIGO, Takashi....and Me(on the right, over Takashi's shoulder) lol

Jermaine Dupri, Mike Tyson and Me (way over there on the right) lol

A fresh, cool, young Lu...

Now those are some big a$$ jeans

Me and Virgil chilling...

NIGO personally installed every item in this display

Electrik Red

My homegirls Leslie, Sarah, Naomi and little Phoenix
from the new Def Jam group Electrik Red

Christian Hosoi

Legendary skater Christian Hosoi came to the "Glow In the Dark" show in Los Angeles

He also has a collaboration with Disney in the works.
Here's Mickey Mouse doing Christian's patented trick, the "Christ Air"
on the old Hammerhead Hosoi shaped board.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sacramento CA

We hit the studio in Sacramento on a day off The Glow In the Dark Tour, so Kanye could record some new verses.

But when you walk out of the control room...

And down the hall...

You'll see this 4 foot mini-ramp in the next room.

After I broke my joint, I went to FTC to get some new boards...

Sac-Town is cool...