Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

Welcome to Washington D.C.!

They had the bottle of Veuve...

And the Polo cashmere blanket waiting for me in my hotel room for the festivities.

I just watched the Inauguration on TV so I could see everything.

On our way to the Youth Ball

I'm feeling Presidential... Call me "Lil' Barack" haha!

Air Yeezy A.K.A. J.F.Kanye

Bentley was there...

Don and Me celebrating!



Trill Cosby said...

j.f.kanye actually kinda look like obama,certain angles.

Jay_fever said...

Lol @ J.F.Kanye....that got a nice ring to it. Y'all definitely dressed appropriately for the flyest presidency ever.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Inauguration Day was veryyy beautiful will ALWAYS be a day that I truly cherish.

All of you gentlemen look smooth, charming & very handsome :) BUT Bentley just needs to be slapped 4 times PLUS for those shoes...they are SHARP!!!!

& lol @ Lil Barack & J.F. Kanye.
Bye Ibn :)

Addictedtogoodmusic said...

You look adorable!!! That tux fits perfectly. It fits like a glove. Plus your sneakers give it that hipster flare. Ibn, you have great style. How do I get to become a super star stylist like you?