Friday, January 2, 2009

O.G. Status

This is me skating in 1987 when I was 12 years old. Some people have said that I started skating because of Pharrell, and the recent trend of black kids skating. No sir... I'm an O.G.
Santa Cruz "Salba" deck, Venture trucks and OJIIs is the set-up.

This is me winning The Christmas Ball King my senior year in highschool. I put my name on the ballot as a joke, then me and my boy Chollie Clark got dressed up and snuck into the Christmas Ball........... And I won! HAHAHAHAHA

The date was Dec. 11th, 1992... Peep the Gucci glasses. I was getting paper back in highschool from cutting hair.

Like I said before.... I'm an O.G.


TGOOD said...

man, i was born a year after that picture was taken

in 92 did you know your future included where you are today?

Trill Cosby said...

yea...a joke. (you know you practiced that moment in the mirror a month before hand) lol! i'm joking,of course.the girl in the red dress must have thought her name was picked....i'd hate to be the guy that had to break to her that her name hadn't actually been picked,lol.

that's crazy that you had the gucci glasses.i need to start cutting hair!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Ahaaaaa @ you entering your name on the ballot as a joke, then winning. Nice shades :O). Cutting hair in HS: Cool :O).

*Smile*...this takes my mind back to MY days in high school...just to name a few:

Cold classes, cooking class (we only cook twice out the whole year: pizza & brownies lol,) Freestyle lunch hour, Class Smile , COLD classrooms, Mr. Chapman always being DRUNK, Yearbook (I LOST it, & I hate it!!!:(, & My English teacher Ms. BeBe, who'd bring a gun to school & would show the class, what SHE "called" borderline nasty education *shacks head*, that lady!

I mean all we did mostly, was look up definitions , then she would add a random TEST, from out of no where *shacks head* lol. Though these are to just name a few...ones of many lol.

Trill Cosby said...

^ everybody got the random test lol.
there was a drunk teacher at my school too.he would go into the little storage cupboard for like 10 minutes and just come out drunk,totally smelling of whiskey lol

he "retired" the year i finished

Anonymous said...

clean ass hell lol ...malcolm X lookin ass ibn lol j/p u know u my nigga

and i was only 2 in 87 i started in 97 son !!!!

ari said...

yeah u is a o.g. at skating huh lol i was born in 1987!! dig the Gucci glasses i bet alot of girls had a crush on u but nice tho

Anonymous said...

Your OJ 2s reference reminded me of another set of popular wheels back then... Bullet 66s. Remember those monsters!? Before I could ever justify the purchase, the tiny wheel/tech era came to be so I never needed them.

Anonymous said...

get a scanner and stop talking pics of still fly tho!