Friday, January 30, 2009

"Glen Quagmire" Nike Dunk Hi SB

The latest Dunk High SB; It comes with a navy/red suede upper and a yellow stars all-over embroidery. The stars have a certain hand made look to themselves, which we like. The shoe is inspired by the Glen Quagmire character from Family Guy.



Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Ur giving me waaaay more paris fashion week coverage than Kanye...ive made the transition!

Anonymous said...

1st: The design(being honest); TERRIBLE.

On another note:
I haven't watched "The Family Guy" in a while. Besides, Glen's character never had seemed really funny to me, just a little cheesy.

I just never have liked him...SO I paid that character no attention.

Plus, does he really say; "Giggity, giggity"?, I've never heard him say that...& ugh see that's what I'm sayin...that's CHEESY! *hunches shoulder then... ahaha* But is the Family Guy (smile)

My favorites; Stewie, Brian, Hurbert, and Peter.

ari said...

lol i luv it only cuz i like quagmire 4get stewie lol but i wouldnt wear them it would be one time thing

Trill Cosby said...

well he's a cheesy an 80's porn star is cheesy lol!

but yea...the shoe is pretty ugly

Jay_fever said...

I'd fuck with em...told myself I ain't coppin another sneak till the Yeezy's drop tho. Just in case they cost something crazy.

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