Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I kicked it with the homies Javier, Jerry and Sneaker Steve @ Jerry and Javier's New Years Eve party... It was a good night.

Happy New Year to everybody!


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Happy New Year to you too Ibn :O)!

I spent my new years, at home with my family in which, we ate LOTS & LOTS of PIZZA & more PIZZA lol, played card & broad games, & watched moviessssssss.

Basically, it was peace on earth lol, crazy fun & full of laughter; the kind that makes your stomach hurt afterwards... :)

On another note, that wallpaper looks SHARP & you & your friends are handsome gentlemen...the black looks nice. You'll have post what your New Years Resolution is on the next post...

Mine? (to name a tad) Wish for "World peace lol", design MORE collage art/designs, laugh & joke as usual... thennnn fulfil my TRUE destiny...

Sidebar: Have you seen the video of Katt Williams VS Steve Harvey on New Year's Eve?! A friend of mine sent me the clip:

All I can say is Katt ran ALLL up & down Steve in 7:10 it was raw & rough!!! Here's the clip:

Great things in 2009!

Trill Cosby said...

cool! i like the little LV scarf thing.makes you look like the kitchen knife in the butter you're all looking sharp but you have that extra bit. lol

i dunno what i'm talking about

jrdubz said...

if im correct ? nice spitfire shades! haha and dope lv tie or scarf dude visit my blog and try too show some support if you have some time:

AJ Crook'x La Familia said...

yo i thought I seen you in the spot homie...I was in Area with my fam, Crooks...I'll say what up next time yo. Peace


Anonymous said...