Friday, May 29, 2009

Science By Busta Rhymes

"If it's in your nature to be "devil" and you're acting out accordingly, then.... that's OK, because that's what you're supposed to be. But if it's in nature to be "godly" and you're acting "devil" then you're the worst kind of "Devil". Because now you can be held accountable because you understand what your nature is. And anything that one is aware of, and you choose to do other than what you know you should be doing, you know, you should definitely be held accountable... FULLY."

Busta Rhymes

I couldn't agree more Busta...


blackastronaut said...

jus a it jus me or is bus' losin it...idk cuz i remeber bac in the days he use to be killin the mic..i couldnt wait for a new busta track cuz i knew that he was finna bring...but not days its like ...dang another bus' joint..ugh when is he gonna retire....but i cant hate though...he has hits and can still break a stage in half soooooo....well...idk lol...check me

joe said...

Is this supposed to be appreciated?