Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski SB

Awarded with the second signature shoe ever given to a Nike SB athlete, Stefan Janoski continues Nike’s skateboarding efforts with an endless pursuit of perfection. Over 15 months in the making, the Zoom Stefan Janoski model has ran through countless design stages, removing and implementing features, in the hope of creating a silhouette wearable during and after a bruising skate session. With the patient direction of Head Designer James Arizumi and Design Director Michael Leon, the shoes have finally come into fruition.

HB: Did any of those early “skate shoes” you wore have an influence on the design of your signature Nike sneakers?

SJ: Before people started making shoes specifically for skating, everyone was wearing tennis shoes such as Nike Dunks, Shelltoes, Converse, Jordans, basically whatever people could get a hold of. Before there were sponsors, you would watch a video and everyone had a different shoe on. They were all really minimal and there was nothing really to em. At the time everyone had 38mm wheels, skating curbs and were just really technical with their boards. I think all the padding came from all the stunts, kids just getting crazy, which I don’t think is really necessary in a modern skate shoe. I really just wanted a platform that I could skate and wear casually, essentially shoes I could wear everyday. I didn’t want a shoe that when I was done skating I would put away and have to change into my “chilling” pair. I wanted a shoe that when your done skating, you can hop out of the car and go eat dinner and not have to be like “Fuck!.”

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Ryan HL said...

Those are mos def some dope kicks. Might have to look into copping these ASAP!