Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm out here chillin' in Paradise for a couple days, feeling GREAT!!! I just started moving into my new house in Hollywood last week, and it's just the best feeling in the world to have some sufficient space for ALL the stuff I've been collecting throughout my travels over the last 6 years. (I can't believe 6 years went by this fast.) And having a fresh spot to put all that stuff on display finally... man, I can't even explain the feeling. I literally "outgrew" my old apartment to the point where it was looking like a storage unit, lol! Over 200 pairs of sneakers, 60 skate decks, 15 complete skateboards, magazines, books, toys and just a complete "System Overload" of clothing were all jammed into my old apartment. My brother Ross is about to be the absolute freshest 21 year old in a few weeks when I ship all of these clothes to him. He wears the same shoe size as Don C. too, so you know his shoe game is gonna be super superior! HAHAHA! That's really gonna feel cool to hook him up like that, I'm gonna enjoy that!

Well yea, it's great out here, but I can't wait to get back to finish moving... Peace!


Anonymous said...

No love like brotherly love... its a band that can never be broken kidd

Trill Cosby said...

oh wow.

party life by jay-z comes to mind when i read that

Unknown said...

You've got to post some pics of your new place when you finally move in. I really liked your old place...I actually wrote up a post about you on my blog a few days ago (

Jay_fever said...

congrats on your success...and may you have more of it.

DodgeThis1 said...

Congrats on the new place! Put a vanilla candle in there for me. I love candles they are so relaxing. I light them and just listen to music its sooo relaxing..

Martin Trillionaire said...

sounds nice. post smoe pics when its lookin rite

Zach Supreme said...

honolulu that's where i'm from. haha.
it's cool how all ya'll like chilling down here.

Miss Barci said...

Thats sweet ibn!!:) ur brother is gonna b super happy,he have to b so proud of you!!
Wish i could bring u a nice wine over there..