Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pharrell Talks "Street Dreams"

Pharrell Williams chats about his soundtrack involvement, more specifically the title track “Hoppin Over Fences”, in the upcoming skate film project by Nino Scalia and Rob Dyrdek entitled Street Dreams. The film, which is due to release June 12th, features some of the best skaters in the world including Rob Dyrdek, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Terry Kennedy & Ryan Dunn. Further information regarding the project as well as participating theaters can be found via the official Street Dreams website.



Trill Cosby said...

this sounds like it's gonna be Pharrell's beats offer great's weird how the neptunes sound can totally change your mind,they can just totally lift me without saying anything...even P alone.but yea loks like it's not gonna stray far from real life which is awesome.

sorry for bad grammar,i just couldn't be f'ed

blackastronaut said...

i really cant wait for this movie to come out it looks like its finna be crazy...only thing is how will i see cuz it doesnt seem to be coming out in a cit near me...oh well i guess i will work somthing out..might jus need to take that trip to nyc to see the flick...check me out at

Unknown said...

What a great movie . I was so enjoyed then i watch street Dreams movie from this blog