Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Persona TV: Ibn Jasper

This is the "Behind the Science" video from a photo shoot that I did with Persona Magazine. Thanks for the opportunity...


ari said...

u are so conceited but i love it!!!

Senedra said...

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Jay Villarroel said...

I love it

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p said...

drop another sk8 vid!

Tuesdai said...

Hey Ibn, How are ya? Good ?I can only guess what your answer would be aha, you don't respond back to people on here usually. I'm fine too. I had a LOVELY, interesting and fun birthday on this pass Friday. I turned 20eeeeee ????? (smile). Anyway, for you next interview with Vibe Magazine (Smile then winks) in the beginning don't be slightly twistin' and moving around AND leave that brush on the side next time! I was thinking like, if his short self don't ::::giggles:::: JK you're taller than me, I'm only 5'2 barefoot and 5'4 with heels.......anyway, I was thinking "If he doesn't STOP brushing his head, responding all NOT together as he should, I mean...". It was a very good interview still, with you explaining the fashion industry and your personal inspirations.. My fashion inspiration/influences would be Jeremy Scott, Coach, Marc Jacobs and Alan Del Rosario.You seem like the real COOL layed-back type guy, who you'd steal from his friends (at some ghetto b-que) for a whole day, just to go to McDonald's to LAUGH aournd and crack jokes about people with, :O). I just flew with that one, but you do.........Hope all is well with ya, Peace.


Trill Cosby said...

hanging out mah sunroof screaming "combing hair aint a thang"

Anonymous said...

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C. Lynn said...

Hey IBN, Nice profile with Persona! Always showing you love on my blog www.stylefidelity.com. Keep doing what you do! Get on Twitter, dude! Chao! Ms. B

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Kenneth Davison said...

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pedro velasquez said...

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