Monday, September 29, 2008

Paul Mitchell: Tea Tree Hair Products

This is Paul Mitchell's line of hair products that are infused with the natural antiseptic, Tea Tree Oil. I've been recommending these products to my clients for years. The invigorating sensation that the Tea Tree Special shampoo and conditioner gives you, will have your hair feeling the cleanest that it has ever felt in your life.


Anonymous said...

haha i use the shampoo to wash my dreads. on the real shit is the best thang smokin g.

Husam said...

hey i use this! it feels crazyyyy

blocksavvy said...

the tea tree soap is crucial at 6AM yo

Anonymous said...

fuk the that a takashi plate..

Ben said...

Yo, I'm a fan of your blog...we share a lot of interests since I'm a big car guy (I build and design custom cars for a living) and I'm a huge Murakami collector (I have about 30 Murakami signed prints now).

Anyway I wrote this blog post about Murakami, I thought you'd like it.