Monday, September 1, 2008

Kellogg's x Obama/Biden

Kellogg's made this special box of Frosted Flakes for Barack Obama and Joe Biden on their recent trip to Battle Creek, Michigan.... You know Eric Koston is pretty jealous, lol.


Jacob said...

Ha! I used to live in Michigan and I'm shocked that anyone there would support Obama. Glad to see some people are thinking.

tuesdai noelle said...

Hey Idn :)

This made me smile BIG :)...I'd heard that he and Biden were on Kelloggs Frosted Flakes, but didn't really believe it. Seem cool, I didn't think they would THINK "outside the box" or take it there on this one, so glad they's niceeee. Indeed this is GRRRRRRRRRREEATTTT!...*sigh*, I'm so lame lol...but admit it you did laugh at little or at least smurk at tad lol.

T.J. [Trav] said...

that is cool.
i know it's like, well, it's only a box of frosted flakes. But i remember when being on a cereal box was cool as shit. like, "holy shit, it's MJ/Tiger on a box of wheaties!" but that's cool. and lls at the person above me