Friday, September 26, 2008

New York Times on Skate Shoe Fashion

The NYT reports on skate shoes in this week's Thursday style section. A revelation to us all? Hardly. The focus is on the style over function nature of most skate footwear, the speed that skaters run through sneakers, and just what’s cool. Check it out for yourself here.

Here's some shoes I destroyed in 3 days.Nike Cross Trainer SC: 3 sessions @ Bondi Beach skate park in Sydney, Australia.

Frontside ollie

Nike P-Rod II "Cinco de Mayo": 3 sessions in Chicago public skate parks.

Backside wallride


Anonymous said...

bondi beach is in syndey isn't it? i just went there this summer

reese dollaz said...

back smiths @ venice beach

Anonymous said...

you try too hard.

Anonymous said...

^ yea he does awww...if u don't succeed try try again :)

Anonymous said...

poser, find yourself.

Anonymous said...

“The idea of looking like a skateboarder without participating in the sport is the reason why the explosion happened, and allowed a company like ours to grow beyond the core scope,” Mr. Obre said.

he said it right.

At least you are trying to participate, just don't try too hard my friend. You don't have to prove anything to anyone that you skateboard by showing your barely torn/worn shoes.

but hey at least you got money. and you know it, take it out yo pocket and show whoooosh!.

me said...

y is every1 anonymous?lol

me said...

we all some punks..we cant say it 2 yo face..LOL

dirtyfunkindustries said...

skating and looking dope at the same time is an expensive's simple don't skate in fancy hi tops, get some shoes that arent made out of sparkly leather etc....they'll last a lot longer than 3 days.