Sunday, September 21, 2008

LRG x Casio Gift Suite @ The Roosevelt Hotel

Chef Lowe ,F.M.

I really just came to chill with my homies in this crazy suite @ The Roosevelt, and just hung out on the roof's patio deck all day...

Woodie, Happy, The Big Homie, Me, Coodie

Happy and Really Doe chopping it up...
While Elena let's me know of some new HB strategies.

GLC recharging.

...But I still got this stuff too.

LRG Selvage denim

Casio DW6900 G-Shock in fuschia gloss with a fuschia light


M. Rizzuto said...

That G-Shock is Dope!!!

PWA said...

Wow that fuschia looks great!.

Larre said...

that watch is S.I.C.K!

Mook said...

those citrus 7's are fire! feelin the g-shock too!!