Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

You have to get this movie. It's a really good guide for the nightlife in L.A., and it's funny too...

Here's a few of my favorite chapters:


Pussy Power

Devil's Dandruff


Anonymous said...

word up, this is a classic joint.

wale fan said...

i literally just got this from netflix on wednesday. can't believe this hasnt gotten any hype before. i thought it was a pretty well made indie movie with funny topics throughout

Marc said...


Anonymous said...

they show this on skinemax, showtime, or maybe the movie channel all the time and I always thought it was bizarre, yet awesome. I love the odd pairing of the bboy dude with the punk rock girl.

If you are 30+ and ever been in a serious relationship, look up 'Conversations with Women' with Aaron Eckhart and the delicious Helena Bonham Carter. Just two people talking at a wedding, but somehow you cannot turn away.

larimie said...

thanks for checking out our movie and spreading the hype! i'm one of the film makers - i did all the graphics for the film.

you can peep more of my work here: