Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MTV Video Music Awards

Watching a performance in the backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios.

Plain Pat... What up!!!

Kid Cudi x Travis Barker x DJ A.M.


Air Yeezy performing "Love Lockdown"


Chi City Animated said...

how come you got better pics on Ye's blog?

Cliff Skighwalker said...

that girl that was with T.I. when he did "Whatever You Like" was SOOOO SPICY!!!

Ferrari what up boi

tr3sDosUno said...

hey M this song is sic-wit-it!

Anonymous said...

"Spicy" hot sauce 2 go! LoL. Mr West Should've performed Heartless to kill weezys performance mannn! PLEASE MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE n TELL KANYE TO RIP THE GLOWING INVINCIBLE SOUNDS TOUR @ THE GROVE 9/15 on MOnDAY!!! TELL TO WHOLE GOOD MUSIC !! PEACE thanks

Noetik said...

Yo you need anyone to carry luggage or something,haha! I need in! Word up..

movie fan said...

the best part of the VMA's was Kanye West's performance at the end... the worst part was the host (what's with the accent?)