Monday, July 14, 2008

Takashi Murakami: "My First Art" Series

AND THEN Rainbow. 2006

These are new prints of the classic paintings that made Takashi famous
Tan Tan Bo. 2004

727-727. 2007

Kaikai Kiki News. 2001

Vapor Trail 2006

A Master Mushroom with DOB in the Strange Forest. 2001


Unknown said...

This dude was a crazy artist. I love his art work. I really like how he express himself.

Anonymous said...

They're niceeeeee :) All of Takashi Murakami's masterpieces are; very artsy, imaginary and FRESH...he's also one of my favorite artist besides; Georgia O'keffe, Piassco, Vincent Van Gough, and Funny Tummy---his artwork is simliar to Murakami except he has his own edge. :) I like the paintings 1 and 4 :)

@SeanTheRobot said...

I like the first one a lot...there are various diferent versions of that..I like them all, especially the blue one

Suite B said...

The master mushroom is HOT. If you remember when Super Mario Bros. first came out this could be in the official art of one of those warp zones!

I'm up too late when I start thinking like that

Anonymous said...

727 was an instant classic for me.