Monday, July 14, 2008

Maloof Money Cup

Airs@ 12pm Eastern/ Pacific on CBS. Sunday, July 20th.
Find more videos like this onmaloofmoneycupYesterday I went to The Maloof Money Cup @ The O.C. Fair in Orange County California. This
is the first year for this
competition, and this event has the biggest purse in skateboard history with a $100,000 for 1s
t place. All the top pr
os showed up to this event because they know that the Maloofs got that paper!!! Lol.
Computer rendering of the Vert ramp and Street Course
The Schedule...

The O.C. Fair. They had some wild food@ this place. The wildest thing I saw was Deep Fried SPAM with Pineapple Sweet and Sour Sauce... EEEEEWWWWW

The "Food Master" Woodie White...

The Course and the crowd...

Paul Rodriguez (The $100,000 winner)

Eric Koston

Andrew Reynolds

Sean Malto

Greg Lutzka

Nyjah Huston

Chris Cole

Ryan Sheckler

Darrell Stanton

Jereme Rogers

Terry Kennedy

Congrats to P-Rod for winning the Street Comp...

And Congrats to PLG for winning Vert.

(That's Bucky Lasek in the all black on the right. I've got pics with PLG and Bucky in the collage on my banner. See if you can find them.)


Trill Cosby said...

so you didn't feel tempted to pop a few tricks yourself?
i guess it wouldn't be fair....i mean,saying that you would easily win it cause you're amazing at skating lol


@SeanTheRobot said...

wow..all the big names have been there.


Joe said...

This comp was sick, I was pretty sure my boy Reynolds would take it...

Anonymous said...

i heart them all....even sheckler's young ass could get it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

woodie used to throw the ill jams on huron st.

dj pns and mad girls!