Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bert and Ernie: "Ante Up" Video



Anonymous said...

*shacking head and cheesing* lol,...it had to be my boys "Bert and Ernie" of Seaseme Street, two of my favorites, besides the Cookie Monster. Everyone else/characters on "there", I don't particular care for...so of course, out the door wit Big Bird etc, just to name a few...that list continues lol. Whoever arranged the setup of this Youtube did cool :) *smiling* You get points for this one on tonight lol, this was a good post, OUT of ALL the things you've EVER posted (well, I only come here every, once in a while, so I wouldn't know that much of what you post) BUT this made me smile BIG :)! Points to ya Idn :) Peace :)

Anonymous said...

I wish that Sesame Street actually sounded like that when I was growing up.....LOL

Twaun The Creative Wardrobe Creator said...

Ha ha..That was ridiculously dope!!

quik said...

What up IBN. Go check out the Dior Homme website. Go past the the flash intro watch the Spring-Summer 2009 Video. Not only is the show dope, ill clothes, but the mix is produced by Justice for the show! Show this to Ye. So dope.

Can I get a shout out if one of you post this on either of your blogs? Probably not right? Haha. PEACE!