Friday, July 25, 2008

George Lucas Frozen In Carbonite

I guess George got captured by Boba Fett and got dropped into Darth Vader's carbonite chamber.

Darth Vader used Han Solo to test his carbonite chamber. Vader wanted to freeze Luke Skywalker with it too.


Justin said...

Wasn't it Jaba's carbonite chamber? =P

Anonymous said...

*Yoda voice* The FORCE is with you strong, Young Luke"Idn" lol. I think I've seen this particular art piece before by Bob Fett I believe, the masterpiece has such a story attached to it (how it was created, the idea behind the creation etc) that's cool, inventive and could surprise, but only slighty. You get points today lol ---only for "today" lol you have to keep it up lol, for featuring cool art :) I just wish I'd found it first to post on my blog lol, but I the have DC COMIC fever so that's "enough" for one spot of adventure on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

lol *shacking head* wait was your little comment underneath the photo a joke?, cause Boba Fett is a fictional character...LOL, my fault pay no attention to the "piece by him" in first line lol. *Looking around* bye :)

Greg Parker said...

Funny to see George Lucas trapped in his own fictional creation, lol..and @ Justin yeah it was Jabba the Hut's carbonite chamber...and @ Tuesdai lol @ u thinking Boba Fett was the artist @ first...but glad u quickly redeemed yourself, lol...And yeah the DC comic fever on ur blog is crazeeee!!!

Unknown said...

vader didnt have a carbonite chamber....jabba did....

Justin said... shutting my mouth =)

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