Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Jasper" Cap Release Event: Los Angeles

Beso Kiss Lounge
6350 Hollywood Blvd.

Seeing all this promo with my face all over it is starting to feel a little strange (lol). But hey, what are you gonna do?


Kenya said...

Congratulations Ibn!

Trill Cosby said...

this is my maths face.

i'm doing you like maths?

I'm a numbercruncher.

i have a relationship with numbers.

What is a number to you?

i feel an urgency to perform a maths routine

maths is just a short word for life even though on paper it's a longer word...but only by a fraction

those were phrases the pictures made me think of.

Anonymous said...

Jyeah. Shout out to my boy Mack- - good shit. Hat is fire.

TJ Hooker

Anonymous said...

uggly ass dude lol
congrats, and lots of success