Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr. Hudson "There Will Be Tears"


Tuesdai said...

Hi Ibn,

Mr. Hudson; The Smooth Cat.
He makes G.O.O.D music, that you can listen to anytime of the day. For me? well, that's really good. If you think about it, there's different 'MOODS of music' that some artist capture----EX: There's 'night time'artist, 'breakup' artist, '...its rainy day please leave me alone' artist, 'morning' artist....and I'm sure there's a LIST. Either way Hudson is alright with me :O).

I guess that can also go for 'personalies', I won't give THAT LIST though (smile), I'll put it like this----I deal with consistency; nice be nice, mean be mean all the time etc....

Also, The Cool Cat collection is 'COOL'

goldmixjay said...

Seems similar style with 'Heartbreaker' of Kanye. Well done M/V.

M.O.D.M. said...

@ goldmixjay

same director: nabil elderkin

i like the visuals on welcome to heart break better, but the song is dope nonetheless