Thursday, April 9, 2009

MOY Concept Car

Moy designed by Elvis Tomljenovic won the design contest during the auto(r) automotive design conference:

"MOY koncept is made for a generation who uses technology as a means to express themselves and communicate with others."

"The idea behind MOY koncept is that everyone can design their own car on their own computer and then apply the design to the vehicle using wireless data transfer or share it with other people through web-site, forum, e-mail etc.

To those who lack the necessary skills or time to create their own design, we offer the option of downloading ready made designs. The vehicles are interconnected, so the change is possibble in motion. Movement recognition technology enables us to draw on the car in real time. Since MOY can display both static images and videos, it can be used as a new medium of promotion."

"Vehicle is powered by batteries that charge electromotors set in wheels and controlled by drive-by-wire technology. The body of the car is made of outer and inner polycarbonate layers, with layers of liquid crystals, LED diodes and electrochromic foil (film) in between. "


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