Sunday, June 15, 2008

LV x Takashi Murakami Monogramouflage

The range includes a Keepall 55 ($1930), Pegase 60 ($2570), Speedy 35 ($1530), Trellis Denim Tote ($1610), Jasmin Denim Bag ($1770), Lys Denim Bag ($2090), iPhone Case ($280), Passport Cover ($355), small leather goods, jewelry, shoes, textiles and ready-to-wear.


My Monogramouflage credit card holders... signed by Takashi himself


Trill Cosby said...

you've always got cool shit.that must be awesome....i wanna be advantaged like this when im older.this isnt impossible....this desire drives me,so keep posting.

RYAN DeVON said...

Yea, I think that Speedy LV x TM bag is the ish. Keep posting man.

[Ryan DeVon]

J.D. said...

Respect the man of course but not so much the camo gear. Saw all of it at the BK museum in the LV shop but it just looked dated and not very innovative.

Props on the gear though, as always.