Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jeremy Scott x Longchamp "Pliage" Bag


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Tuesdai Noelle said...

Now this is something worth staring at. Most purse designs by "fashion" designers are; average, PLAIN yet cute??? and just bascially, the SAME STYLE repeated over and over again...um It's not "bringin SEXYBACK" lol...my fault...they ain't bringin NOTHING back lol with none of it...now that I think of it their most NOT ALL, fashion designers are pretty much FLOWIN in the same vain as the other seeming with this concept/thought in mind; "If the same ole same cute stuff works and magicially just leaves the shelf after 4 days... then hey let's it comin" lol. Really, If I'm just keepin it real right quick, when you see LAME fashions (you as a customer) you know you ain't gon EMAIL EM lol...cause it's the same repeated style just advanced, this time green lining, ok lol, so you see.
But of course, Jeremy Scott is another crazy FUN artist that's NON-STOP with the "action" when it comes to FASHION! I really like that one fashion show he had (I believe it was last) with the "Traffic Lights Theme"...not sure if that was necessarily the NAME of the show, but it kind across as; A classic thought, original, and 2 FUN. My favorite design from a pic in that show was, when the one model (girl) were dressed with license plates...that was 2 fresh, seriously. Extra Side Bar: I guess you've figured out now, I LOVE to joke, tell it how it is (with LONG comments lol) , and state facts and opinions of ONE'S self lol...that's how WE doin it fo Summer of 08...but when the winter come WE got somethin else LOL!