Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Downshift Session 2008

Tomorrow night in New York, Staple Design + Gran Turismo will present Downshift Session 2008: A Celebration of Automotive Design, Music, Art & Gaming. As JeffStaple writes:
After my visit to the Polyphony offices in Tokyo, I was so incredibly inspired by them and their game, Gran Turismo, I felt like we could do something together. It occurred to me that in my immediate world, especially Downtown NYC, automotive design was almost nonexistent. Gaming design was a close second. And of course, we are always highly exposed to fashion design, street art and music. I thought; what would happen if we did an event that merged all of these together? If we organized one night where automotive design, game design, street culture, music and art all come together? To be honest, I'm not sure! But I do know that something positive will surely come out of it.

And with that, I formed the Downshift Session. I hope this becomes an annual event as I think all these cultures have something to contribute to one another.

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