Friday, October 10, 2008

GLC "I Aint Even On Yet" (Official Music Video)


Anonymous said...

He can rap but this nigga aint talkin about nu-thin yada yada yady

Anonymous said...

GLC aint never finna get on, he like a black Paul Wall. And u know that smessed up when u the black version of a white rapper. Son should stick to riding Ye's didick or learn to cut hair so he can get paid like a certain somebody else. Lol. Yo Japser I heard u got pistol whipped and robbed back in the day, let me know who did it so I could teach them a lesson, ho homo my dude!
And btw you aint aint even a real fashion head if u were you'd be up on the duck, youz a ch-itown hater.

Anonymous said...

*waves* hi hater ^

CHillZ said...

ehh ... not too crazy about GLC lyrically, but the video is smooth ... the animation is dope

my group is better lol

peep some songs from my group (the Coalition) murakami ... n lemme kno wut u think