Monday, October 6, 2008

Aston Martin One-77 Video

It's hard to think of a DB-9 or Vanquish as anything other than automotive perfection, so when the Brits in Gaydon say the One-77 is the embodiment of Aston Martin design, color us interested. The ultra-exclusive two-seat supercar seems to have it all: a 700 hp V12, carbon fiber chassis, aluminum body, and the ultimate in Aston design. The One-77 has an exclusive price tag of about £1,050,000 before taxes, too, and even the Paris Motor Show isn't a big enough venue to unveil the full design to the world.



Dandee J. said...

why is fat joe's boy wearing fake air yeezy's

Dandee J. said...

please set the record straight

Jonny.Treeson said...


This car is going to be bananas.