Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CHICAGORILLA.TV: Bump J. "Chief is Here"

Bump J. in the studio on his new site, CHICAGORILLA.TV...

This is Bump's "Dinner Time" mixtape that I posted a few months ago. You can download it here.


Anonymous said...

Yo Jasper aint nothin wrong with gettin robbed back in the day my dude, it happens to the best of us.
Well never to me but u get the picture.
Finally u showin Chicago love, Bump J a real G but he aint got nothin on Twista. Yo whats good with postin some duck in this bitch! Fashion GeeK shirts is shittin on the game right now fam check out the shirts:

Anonymous said...

^^^ Stop hating for real, and dont rep someone elses shit please you make it look corny if people thought u were a part of it. Go ride a bike or something

Andrew Barber said...

Big. Bank. Bump.