Saturday, October 11, 2008

G.O.O.D. Music Featured On

Yes, other artists have released songs and videos this week. Some of them where even entertaining. However, the winner by landslide victory, knock out punch and irrefutable evidence is G.O.O.D records. Starting at the beginning of this week, The Louis Vuitton Don’s imprint released an onslaught of videos, new music and behind the scenes to get fans salivating at the mouth for their end of the year releases, and is it ever working. First rhyme veteran Common hits the blogosphere early this week with a left jab, then Yeezy comes with the uppercut mid week and GLC lands the final blow to round out a week dominated by some excellent videos. Check out Hypetrak’s good (pun intended) picks.

Kanye West - Love Lockdown
Apparently Kanye’s video for “Love Lockdown” was inspired by Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho and the film adaptation of the book. When you see the fantasy world juxtaposed with the ultra clean visuals of Kanye in the video the comparisons are definitely evident. The visionary clip includes hundreds of African drummers, vividly painted models and an extra emotional Yeezy belting his heart out on the auto tune ballad. If this track and video are any indication as to what we’ll get from 808’s and Heartbreak get ready to throw away any preconceived notions you may have had about the Chicago representative. Check out the Ellen (yes that Ellen) premiered video.

Common feat. Pharrell - Universal Mind Control
First and foremost, this video is completely ridiculous. Not only is this a Hypetrak pick of the week, it should be a entry for video of the year. Common changes pace sonically with a song that is more Afrika Bambaataa then his Golden Era boom bap signature sound. The rhyme veteran shows no signs of rust as he navigates the beat and calls all b-boys to the floor for battle. The video is a science fiction x hip hop mesh that appears to be what would happen if Stanley Kubrick grew up in the Bronx and discovered KRS One albums. The Pharrell assisted track will be on Common’s new album that will bear the same name as this single.

GLC - I Aint Even On Yet
Anyone who has heard Kanye’s first album The College Dropout and heard GLC’s deep baritone growl on “Spaceship” has been anticipating his album ever since. After several memorable guest appearances and mixtape joints it looks like Welcome to Haterville will finally see the light of day. Today, his first single and video entitled “I Aint Even On Yet” hit the net and it was well worth the wait. The beat knocks like a wrecking ball, GLC’s deliberate flow is present and the video is visually arresting. The half animated, black and white clip features appearances from other G.O.O.D artists, including Yeezy himself, but the main attraction is GLC and he carries the load well.



M* said...

and featured on every other damn blog-- good music is GOOD muzziccc!!

thats wasup

Anonymous said...

GLC aint never finna get on, he like a black Paul Wall. And u know that smessed up when u the black version of a white rapper. Son should stick to riding Ye's didick or learn to cut hair so he can get paid like a certain somebody else. Lol. Yo Japser I heard u got pistol whipped and robbed back in the day, let me know who did it so I could teach them a lesson, no homo my dude!
And btw you aint aint even a real fashion head if u were you'd be up on the duck, youz a ch-itown hater.

Anonymous said...

^ hi hater

pv23 said...

fuCc the hAters! i LoVe gOOd musIC.. tell 88keyz 2 drop that shit On eM!!


Never robbed or pistol whipped... for the record.

Anonymous said...

hattazzzzzz in da hiz house