Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 BAPE Winter Collection Magazine

We had a 23 hour layover in Tokyo while we were on our way to Singapore, so we went by BAPE Sounds studio to get some last minute work done. While we were there Matt blessed us with the new 2008 Winter BAPE Magazine/Catalog.

Winter plaid slip cover...

Kanye is the cover model for this issue.

Big Sean and Kanye

Verbal from Teriyaki Boys

Ryo-Z from Teriyaki Boys

Wise from Teriyaki Boys

Ilmari from Teriyaki Boys



NIGO, Ryo-Z, Kanye, Pharrell, Ilmari, Wise, Shay and Verbal

Here's some behind the scenes pics that I took while we were @ the shoot...

Yeezy making sure the pics are looking up to par...

And messing around for an episode of MTV Japan's "NIGOLDENEYE"...

Yuuri Morishita

Mika Kaneda

Yukie Kawamura

Mai Satoda

Isetan x BAPE

NIGO outside the BAPE Store @ Colette in Paris

NIGO inside the BAPE Store @ Colette


m rizzuto said...

i thought nigoldeneye was going to be on MtV?? is that still going down?

tr3sDosUno said...

cool photos...

Jacob said...

Great post. Thanks for that. Bape is incredible. I think Warhol would be proud of Nigo. http://www.myspace.com/jacobtheproducer