Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Off Day In Oklahoma City

I went to Mat Hoffman's Action Sport Park to skate.

What's up Stevie...


Backside grab over the hip

The security dude made me wear this damn helmet

The Black Matt Hensley (lol)

Tailgrab over the bump

The bowls are super-nice

This was across the street from my hotel


Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

i wish i could skate....lol

Sean [The Future Blogger] said...

damn that's sick

yeah I wish i could skate like that, too.

Roc money said...

You're nice


BostonKnucklehead.com said...

That is one bad a** skatepark!

tr3sDosUno said...


Tuesdai Noelle said...

I wish I knew how to skate board, you look so comfortable and free in the skill. Best part you make it look so FUN and easy...effectless. How long have you been skateboarding? Side Bar: I really wish more so that could "skate" period lol... Me and WHEELS aren't friends...I haven't mastered the concept of "keeping my balance". No hope for me in that area, I guess for now... Extra Side Bar: You have to take at least 2 points from your 5 because you look like you were about to fall in the video...and you only had 32 seconds recorded lol! But really, you're really cool at that, ok I'm tad jealous lol.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Correction: Best part you make it look so FUN and easy...affortless.*