Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm Blowin' Up Son!!!

My homies over @ The Hundreds showed me some love on their blog...

Me and Bobby Hundreds in front of The Hundreds Store on Rosewood...

Funny thing about that day is, I got star struck when legendary skater Sal barbier came out of his store, SLB, on the corner of Fairfax and Rosewood and started doing nollie heelflips. Now one of my best friends has 10 Grammys, sells out world tours, and has me in the presence of all kinds of celebrities. And I get star struck when I see Sal Barbier... Crazy right?


Anonymous said...

lmao...did you have the stuck face and all?would have loved to see streaming footage.have you tried the freeline boards yet?fuckin sick, I almost bust my ass but I must say I havent had so much fun since I was introduced to a skateboard in 87.

check out my blog coming soon...prolific dope.I should have it up by Monday....'

SWITCH™ said...

not crazy at all folks... it's SAL BARBIER!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah... In the words of Del via SLB:

I'm chocolate like a bar, but my name is not Roseanne.

My skin has a pigment reminscent of a tan... so nice. Every day, for hours... Questionable!

Sal is an icon. One of those dudes that is so influential, yet acts like he doesn't even know or care. I get to bump into celebs every now and then, but running into Matt Hensley, Sal, Gonz, Jason Lee, Guy, Carroll or any of that crew from the early 90s would get me all flustered - a 32 year old dude. Even though I have met a few of them over the years, now that you can stand back and look at their legacy, they are way more impressive.

Most celebs and especially rappers (not your homeboy) are just blips on the cultural radar compared to these guys. These guys have influenced decades worth of style and lifestyle. Knowing that, how could you not get flustered.

- RW

Boston Knucklehead said...

Hands down Sal is a legend..

Anonymous said...


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