Friday, April 11, 2008

BAPE Heads Show Hong Kong

N*E*R*D performing "Rockstar"

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen came through...

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Andre 3000 was there too.

It's The TeriyaKings, Kings, Kings, Kings, Kings. Teriyaki Boys!!!


Pharrell, NIGO and Kanye thank the crowd.


Billy Ray said...


I am a fan of your blog. I have an artist I invite you to check out. If you are half as excited about him as I have become, you might want to blog about Jon Henry.

He recently posted his demo on myspace and facebook. He's gotten press and gotten blogged about, but i really wanted YOU to hear him. he's on iTunes. It's a really creative and original blend of rock, rap, and r&b, kind of like artists you like. I guess i'm working as part of a street team of sorts; I really just think this artist's music should get as much exposure as possible!

Hope you like it and keep up the great work of letting people know about great new music!

billy rae valentine

Heather said...

nice post, wish i could see that video!

Anwar. said...

this nigga Lupe last night threw his Atos! NUTS!

Melody said...

Hey Ferrari Didnt Know U had A blog LOL..
Well I found U know ...
Y is Kanye HOLDINg My girl So TITE lol..

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